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It’s more like a journey which tends to depend on the mental state of an individual. In simple terms a basic mixture of interests and responsibilities. Our responsibilities tend to increase along with the process of ageing in terms of Employment, Education and Relationships.

According to the modern, world people tend to forget the real potential of living and join themselves in a rat race.

They forget their mental and health status in order to secure their financial and social status which has led to many problems in building a positive environment and structural human well-being.

There is a myth which says “a fit mind & body would lead to successful life”

I personally believe in such myth.

Fitness helps a person to balance his entire day, which I experience on a daily basis. It starts with days and leads to years and the years leads to many successful moments which creates history. This could only be experienced through practicing it on a consistent basis which is the key. Featuring the reality we experience ups and downs, failures and achievements which is to be a part of life, many successful people have being health conscious, where maintaining fitness has been a part of them and it is used as a key component to overcome the problems on an physical and mental state. I personally experience this and always teach this to my siblings, “when your body is fit your mind is fit, when your mind is fit the thinking is more in the positive and it leads to an doable vibe which would help to balance out anyone’s lifestyle according to his goals and objectives” well I think many would compromise with that. Fitness includes everything the way you treat yourself, the way you see things happen, the way you move etc.

The society has been moving towards a fit lifestyle rather than a pubg lifestyle which I was able to witness through this quarantine.

So that’s more of positivity which would flow and lead everyone to a less conflict and more motivation to achieve set priorities.

Fitness has taught me the everything and still teaching me everything, the best thing it has ever done to me is when it transformed a 104kg obese boy who was not fit, made fun of, had to considered special in to a fit and strong individual which along gave him appreciation, respect and gratitude from the society about the hard work and dedication put in. It’s not your age, it isn’t your job, it’s about your mind. Therefore I’ll conclude my blog saying “train with passion, I’m sure it would benefit” also never forget from where you started it would always push to help somebody else get there.

By Rtr. Imdaad Mowlana | Email:

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