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What is the Mid Town board of 21-22 like?

Here’s a little poem about the current Mid Town board,

Not sure if they are feared or adored,

Let’s start with our magnificent President known as Hibshi to all,

Always busy with work or fifa so never answers a call,

Next up we have IPP Dina – a workaholic as anyone can be,

She is sassy and smart but can’t reach the lowest branch of any tree,

Then we got AK who was born with a football at his feet,

Can be loud and annoying but is really sweet,

Kaizer the man who always wants to reach for the moon,

Gets all his work done on the sly and sleeps till noon,

Shimara and her famous laugh is always fun,

7 years in mid town – well what has she done?

Then we’ve got Stephie who forgets people’s names,

She is fearless and jaunty and plays all games,

Ovin always thinks he is a politician in the making,

Is very helpful, funny and is always found working,

Abdullah is known for being a secretary throughout,

Never misses a chance to sleep and to that he is devout,

Nilisha sometimes can be dense as a brick,

She has a black belt in karate but is never quick,

The man mountain Haaziq will always be with food,

Inviting him to a party – an idea that’s not good,

Humaira known for being loud despite her small size,

Another martial artist – oh what a surprise!

Dilshan the man for the memes,

Even when he is sleeping that’s what he dreams,

Then we got Aakil born with a knack for writing all the time,

Thinks he is Sherlock but has never solved a crime,

Uvindu can be found in front of a screen any time of the day,

Designing, gaming and filling up a survey, 

Nabiha says that she is fun, smart and loud,

Sometimes found day dreaming and can entertain a crowd,

Sajid is known as Mr Green who wants to bring peace to all,

If you wanna visit the moon please give him a call,  

Umar well his first touch he definitely can’t control,

Is very friendly and fun and to travel is his goal,

Rasheeb is good at flirting with girls –  that’s what he says,

Runs around the futsal court –  that’s how he plays,

Aadil thinks PUBG is the best game ever – it’s just on a phone,

When cornered in futsal tries stuff on his own,

Naleef joined Rotaract to find his true love,

Still waiting for his prayers to be answered from above, 

Fahim is super obsessed with serial killer dramas,

Loves to experiment things even in his pajamas,

Zakee loves to achieve all the goals he has set,

In futsal he tries tricks and is not a threat,

Shabeer is known to be the punctual one,

Thinks he is a baller and is really fun,

Hamna is known for not getting jokes and being late,

Loves cats and needs a lot of food on her plate,

Hafsa is an exceptional artist and loves to draw,

Can get very curious and tends to break the law,

Krish loves to be known as Mr. International to all,

A doctor in the making a feat that’s not small,

Here is the Mid Town board of 2021 – 22,

Hope you enjoyed this poem – bye bye to you!

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