Wave Runners 2019 was a financing project organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Management and Finance. The event took place on the 13th of October 2019 at the Diyawanna Rowing Center. The event was planned to begin at 12 noon but due to some participants having a go for the first time, there was a small warm up session for two hours followed by a brief on how to row given by few navy members.

Rtr. Abdul Khaliq from RAC Colombo Mid Town and Rtr. Ovin Bimsara from RAC UOC FMF took part in the men’s double event making it a “Mid Town Family Thing”. Since it was the first time we both were rowing we opted in for a 15 minute practice session to at least ensure we don’t fall into water in front of all present and humiliate ourselves.

The water was calm and rowing wasn’t easy if you did not get the sync between the team right, and it being the first time was a challenge already, but the Mid Town family took the challenge as it came along!

The event began at 2pm with the day being quite warm and full of sunshine. There were two categories, the men’s double and the mixed doubles. The first race was the men’s double where 3 teams raced each other for the best time, and then was the mixed doubles event where once again 3 teams raced for the best time. The races were paired off accordingly and the winners were decided on the best timing.

Rtr. Abdul Khaliq and Rtr. Ovin  Bimsara went on to win the Second Runners up in the men’s pair category, both not only being first timers but participating in an event together for the first time got their sync almost up to perfection making the Mid Town family proud!

It was a great experience with a burst of adrenaline rush and competitiveness all along, and not to forget the DJ session which was the icing on the cake to bring the day to an amazing end with everyone sharing a laugh. A great thank you to RAC FMF for hosting this amazing event  

Mid Town Family for the Win!!

By Rtr. Abdul Kaliq | Email: abdlkhlq@hotmail.com