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The installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts

Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Arts

The Installation ceremony of the 11th President Rtr. Methmini Kariyakarawana of the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Arts was held on the 21st of September 2020 from 6:30 PM onwards at the New Arts Theatre (NAT). The Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town was present to witness and rejoice the beginning of the novel quest of Rotaract Club of UOC FOA.

To commence the installation proceedings chief guest for the evening, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Colombo, Senior Prof. Premakumara De Silva, Guest of Honour, the President of the Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown Paul Harris Fellow Rtn. Vishwa Lokugamage and the District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP Kavindra Kasun Sigera along with many other dignitaries participated in the lighting of the oil lamp. After the dignitaries were ushered to the head table the house was called to order by the sergeant-at-arms, the attendees rose for the Conventional Rotaract Formalities, the National Anthem, Flag Salutation, Rotaract Invocation, Four-Way Test and the Rotaract Song.

welcome speech
Next on the agenda was the welcome speech which was delivered by the project chairperson Rtr. Sulakshi Amarasekara.
secretary for the year 2019-2020 Rtr. Hadiyah Marikar

Secretary for the year 2019-2020 Rtr. Hadiyah Marikar.

The podium was open to the secretary for the year 2019-2020 Rtr. Hadiyah Marikar, where she presented the annual report for 2019-2020. She further highlighted the fact that in their year the club focused on membership development and engagement which is seen through the fact that their club attended 100+ Rotaract events, organized 40 projects during the year and was also recognized for the rotary platinum distinction at the 30th Rotaract district assembly as well. She concluded her speech with a short throwback video which included reminiscences of the cherished moments of the past year.

Outgoing President Rtr. Rasanjanee Polgampala.

Afterwards, the Outgoing President Rtr. Rasanjanee Polgampala addressed the gathering and extended her sincere heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who had supported her during the year of her presidency. She also thanked the Dean, the Senior Treasurer, Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown, members of the district and all those who had helped her throughout her year of presidency.

Next up on the agenda was the distribution of the service letters to the members by the Chief Guest as a form of appreciating their efforts and dedication throughout the past Rotaract year to help the club reach its goals.

The most awaited moment of the ceremony, the graceful collaring took place as Rtr. IPP Rasanjanee Polgampala officially handed over the duties and responsibilities of carrying the club legacy forward to the President for the year 2020-2021 Rtr. Methmini Kariyakarwana.

After the distribution of the service letters, an introduction to the President for the year 2020-2021, Rtr. Methmini Kariyakarwana was given by Ms. Dimani Silva who is a close friend of hers. It was an entertaining speech which turned out to be a highlight of the glorious day.

President Rtr. Methmini Kariyakarwana.

The newly appointed President Rtr. Methmini Kariyakarwana took the podium and started of her speech with a quote from her favourite TV character, Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Air Bender “Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to help others.” She then promised that the Rotaract Club would extend its support to anyone in need. She further briefed her vision for the year and concluded her address by introducing the Board of Directors for the year 2020-2021.

Board of directors 2020-2021.
A captivating entertainment item which was presented by non-other than a few of their very own talented members.

Then the District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP Kasun Sigera addressed the gathering and he appreciated the projects which were carried out in the past year and congratulated the newly appointed board. He extended an open invitation to all Rotaractors to identify their potential and plan their Rotaract journey and grasp every opportunity offered by the movement. Furthermore, the Guest of honour, the President of the Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown Rtn. Paul Harris Fellow Vishwa Lokugamage, and the Chief guest Prof. Premakumara De Silva, addressed the gathering and afterwards, the guests and the dignitaries were given Tokens of Appreciation by the President.

District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP Kasun Sigera
District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP Kasun Sigera

Incoming Secretary, Rtr. Dewni Gallage delivering the Vote of Thanks.

Finally, the spectacular day filled with bittersweet moments came to an end with the felicitations by the friendly Rotaractors which was followed by the Vote of Thanks delivered by the incoming Secretary, Rtr. Dewni Gallage.

It was indeed a pleasure for the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town to be part of this occasion and would like to wish Rtr. Methmini and her Board of Directors to yet another “Outstanding” year ahead.

Written by Rtr. Mohamed Aqel

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