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The installation ceremony of the National School of Business Management was held on the 4th of November 2020 with the 8th President Rtr. Janith Thillekasekara and the Board of Directors of the Rotaract Club of National School of Business Management. The ceremony was broadcasted live on Facebook & YouTube. The Sergeant at Arms, Rtr. Yashodya called the house to order followed by the flag salutation, Rotaract invocation and the four-way test of RID 3220.

Starting off with the proceedings, the chairperson of the installation committee, Rtr. Pasindu Wijesuriya & Rtr. Sanduni Fonseka welcomed the gathering. Afterward, the Outgoing Secretary, Rtr. Abdullah Hafiz presented the Secretary’s report for the year 2019-2020. The club has completed 25 projects.  The projects were 8– Club Service, 8 – Community Service, 5 – Professional Development, 02 from International Services and one project each from the avenues –Peace and Harmony and Public Relations. Moreover, he emphasized that 30 prospective members were inducted, which includes 5 Interactors making the total number to 75 members. Furthermore, he appreciated the achievements that the Rotaract Club of NSBM achieved during the 30th Rotaract District Assembly and appreciated everyone who supported them followed by a small video presentation. 

Outgoing Secretary, Rtr. Abdullah Hafiz presenting the Secretary’s report.

Rtr. IPP. Ruvi Samarakoon addressed the audience, as the 7th President of the Rotaract Club of NSBM.

She thanked the Rotaract club of NSBM for giving her the opportunity to lead the club for a year while successfully completing 25 projects achieving the citations as well. Then she moved on to thank her parents and the board of directors for their untiring support and for being with her and the club throughout the journey of all the hardships. She said that she carries many wonderful memories along the way. Moving on she thanked the outgoing secretary, for taking up this challenge with her and for being her pillar of strength and being the person behind the scenes but always doing the hard work.

 She thanked the members as this club wouldn’t be where it is, if not for them and being constant and helping always.  She said that it was wonderful to see them grow in the club.  Finally she ended her speech saying. “One last time as the president of 2019-20 I always remember that there’s nothing bigger than a heart of a volunteer”.

Next on the agenda was the most awaited segment of the event as it was time to introduce the President-elect of the Rotaract Club of NSBM. This individual was introduced to the audience by Rtr. Mark Shiran followed by the collaring, handing over the gavel and charter certificate by the outgoing President, Rtr. IPP Ruvi Samarakoon.

President Rtr. Janith Thillekasekara, speaking for the first time as president of the Rotaract Club of NSBM.

The newly inducted President Rtr. Janith Tillekasekara addresses the audience as the President. In his speech, he expressed his gratitude to the board of directors for working as one family even through difficult times. Moreover he gave a glimpse about his 3 years of rotaract journey in which he wanted to give a message to everyone stating “I encourage all to embrace failures more than success as you can always learn more from failures than success”. 

He ended his speech thanking the Past presidents and the staff advisors for their countless support and advice.

Then, the audience were addressed by the dignitaries namely: District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP Kasun Sigera, Guest Speaker Rtn. Yukthi Gunasekara, Dean of Faculty of Business Mrs. Thilini De Silva and the Guest of honor of the ceremony President of Rotary Club of Colombo West Rtn. PHF Brian Selvanayagam.

Executive Committee Members :

President – Rtr. Janith Tillekasekara

Immediate Past President – Rtr. Ruvi Samarakoon

Secretary – Rtr. Nethuli Ramanayake 

Assistant Secretary – Rtr. Ranuli Weerasinghe

Treasurer – Rtr. Ameera Rizni

Vice President – Rtr. Senil Gunawardane 

Vice President – Rtr. Joshua Joseph

Sergeant at Arms – Rtr. Yashodya Thathsarani 

Special Advisor – Rtr. Mark Shiran 

Chief Editor – Rtr. Malmi Hasara

Committee Members : 

Club Service – Rtr. Saduni Fonseka & Rtr. Pasindu Wijesuriya

Community Service – Rtr. Aarah Ahamed & Rtr. Navodya Gunasekara

International Service – Rtr. Dinika Vaas & Rtr. Amnah Ahamed

Professional Development – Rtr. Senuri Silva & Rtr. Supuli Gunawardhana 

Public Relations – Rtr. Abyshek Inimankanda & Rtr. Janith Wickramasooriya

Sr. Digital Communication / IT – Rtr. Saraka Sahaswin. 

Jr. Digital Communication / IT  – Rtr. Malindu Herath & Rtr. Vishwa Pathirana

Photography & Media – Rtr. Senura Dabare

Sports – Rtr. Thashiya Rebeira & Rtr. Ravidu Ramanayake

Finance – Rtr. Melisha Engeli & Rtr. Iransha Fernando 

Regional Engagement – Rtr. Malsha Amarathunga & Rtr. Tharushi Kuruppu

President of Rotary Club of Colombo West Rtn. PHF Brian Selvanayagam.
Secretary Rtr. Nethuli Ramanayake delivered the Vote of Thanks.

The newly appointed Secretary Rtr. Nethuli Ramanayake delivered the vote of thanks and President Janith Thillekasekara adjourned the 8th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of NSBM. We the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town would like to convey best wishes to Rotaract Club of NSBM to thrive towards the pinnacle in the upcoming journey while striving as one big fraternity.

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