On the 25th of October 2019 at the JCI secretariat on a rainy Friday evening the Midtowners got together for a movie marathon.

The rain had just stopped and was a perfect day for a movie marathon. The members of Midtown were present in numbers to be a part of the fun night. The movie marathon featured two block buster movies, which were “The Dictator” and “Lion King” which will then be followed by games and fellowship.

The first movie started at around 6:30 and it was a full house from the start. As the movie started everyone was seated and cups of popcorn and drinks were passed around as we all cracked out for the jokes of the “The Dictator”. The movie played by Sacha Baron where he is played as a dictator, who travels to New York in order to

address the United Nations Security Council. However, his plans go awry when a hitman hired by his uncle, Tamir, kidnaps him.

After all it is a movie marathon and we moved on to the second movie. “The Dictator” was followed by “Lion King 2019”. The audience joined in for the theme song. It was pure nostalgia jamming to the old Lion King songs. We sure enjoyed watching this movie it took us back to our childhood.

The night was getting more interesting as time passed. The movies were followed by games where everyone participated. First off was charades and then we moved on to Jenga.

As all good things have to end so did the Movie night. Quite a few did not leave they stayed back for a little chit chat for some time. Finally, every one bid their adieu to each other. It was certainly a very good way to begin the weekend.

By Rtr. Kaizer Majid | Email: maaskaizer@gmail.com