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The Matrix

Hi, welcome to the matrix. 

It’s the year 2020, cyberpunks have taken control of much of the internet 🌐. Some of the most nefarious one’s have been captured by Interpol and were added by the master programmer as they have been causing havoc around the globe.

THE DIGITAL CLOUD HUNT was created in order to control them.

To get out of my matrix they have to solve these riddles given by the master programmer or else they would be lost or deleted in the program forever.

Over 240 of these notorious cyberpunks have been added from all over the globe, including places like India, Pakistan, Seychelles, Mauritius and many more were added.

They were horrified as they have not experienced anything like this before. Participants had just 3 rounds to get out of the matrix and only 3 would be able to escape the matrix.

The Digital Cloud Hunt consisted of 3 rounds with 3 segments each.

Segment 1️⃣ : Digital Easter Eggs 

Segment 2️⃣ : Tickle My Cyber Pickle 

Segment 3️⃣ : Bonus Challenges

Round 1 started on the 15th of July. All parties were set and ready to go.

Round 1 consisted of 3 different segments, the agents had to complete these tasks in order to move onto the next round, all segments were equally hard and challenging as the next. It was very fascinating to see them executing segment 3, they were running around searching for items to take selfies and videos with etc.

To leave the matrix they had to go deeper into It, if these agents could not find there way through (solve the riddles) they would be deleted or be stuck in the matrix forever. 

Only 50 cyberpunks earned their way to round 2. The rest had to wander through an endless void in the matrix. These cyberpunks went through the same segments as Round 1 except this time it was twice as tricky and twice as dangerous, I watched from above as cyberpunks scrambled through the matrix to find clues through Mid Town’s website, Facebook, and Instagram pages to complete segment 1. It took some of them a day or so to find clues. To say the least, life in the matrix is not easy. They had only 24 hours to solve these riddles and the time on the hourglass was slowly streaming away. 

At 3 PM on Sunday the 21st of July, I sent out a small chime indicating the start of round 3. Segment 2 was purely based on their general knowledge, it was executed on the quizizz platform. It was entertaining to see these notorious cyberpunks raking their brain on these riddles.

The prize was a ticket out of this program but there were only 3 of them, whoever got their hands on it would be on the headlines of the DIGITAL CLOUD HUNT.

The matrix was shutting down at 7 PM. The deadline was approaching, cyberpunk Priyanden Francis found the program, next up was Rashid Adham who was figuring where the exit was going out second. There was only one spot remaining, just one exit 🚪 up for grabs. It was Cupidon Anne Bruna from Mauritius. She was the last and final one out. 

The final three ready to exit The Matrix

The remaining 7 were deleted from the matrix as if they never existed. This is the story of the DIGITAL CLOUD HUNT.

Who am I you ask? I AM THE MATRIX.

Chairperson’s Note: 

The DIGITAL CLOUD HUNT was an online scavenger hunt. The participants had to comb through Mid Town’s social media pages and blogs to find clues in order to go in to the next rounds.

The main objective for the DIGITAL CLOUD HUNT was to improve the club’s social media platform’s following and engagement through this scavenger hunt which involved quests on the blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts. Since the scavenger hunt the number of likes and followers on our social media pages has increased exponentially and the number if views for our club’s blogs has also improved a great deal.

There were registrations from over 30 Rotaract Clubs from around the globe including countries like India, Pakistan, Seychelles, Mauritius, Bangladesh and Puerto Rico with 240 registrations.

Written by Kaizer Majid

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