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Unfortunately, facts are undeniable, regardless of how hard people try to let it out of their minds unless they accept who they are and move on or let their impulses absorb their mentality and provoke its stability, rather than sooner or later it will influence their decisions on being the primary focus of probably the most gruesome events the world has ever seen.

Certainly, the name Ted Bundy is no exception. A young lad who kicked off his career and journey into life. Pretty decent like any other of his peers would have despite his troubled relationship with his parents and family who went on to become one of the famous serial killers, who has ever stepped foot on this very planet and as history tells us one of the most disturbing focal points of the late 20th century.

Born in Burlington, Vermont, on November 24, 1946. Ted was born to an unmarried woman, 22 years of age who went by the name Eleanor Lousie Cowell whose parent’s perception of religion was very serious which cost Ted the usual upbringing almost every child would have been bestowed upon. Even though the marriage was nowhere near legitimacy, yet to conceal that the very fact he was brought under the custody of his grandparents as their own child and his mother as his elder sister. Ted was never aware of this fact and believed whatever was told to him during this time until he was old enough to later discover the truth himself.

An unpleasant past, usually triggers the attention of the critics, when it comes to the judgment of normal people who operated under the guidance of their consciousness and who later turned into monsters, who no longer knew words like sensitivity and remorse. The way things played out in Ted’s early life wasn’t on him. He simply was a victim until his notorious side came into play which as a result generated many other victims.

His alleged biological father Lyod Marshall on the other hand was an Air Force veteran and Pen State graduate. Some sources tell us otherwise in the name of Jack Worthington. Even worse, there were speculations based on his family member’s suspicion that his father could be Lousie’s abusive father Samuel Cowell (you’re right, his grandfather) However the allegation was dropped since there was no evidence to back it up.

It was 1951 when his mother Lousie got married to a man named Johnny Caulpepper Bundy (1927 – 2007) with whom she had four children of their own and yeah it’s pretty obvious where Ted adopted the surname from. In spite of his stepfather’s willingness to not exclude Ted from any family expeditions, Ted was neither fond of him nor made attempts to be on the same page, due to the fact Jonnie never excelled in education and belonged in the category of the normal working class.
Ted developed a great resentment towards his mother as a result of her failing to share even the slightest bit of information regarding his biological father.

By the way for those you who are wondering regarding the employment of Johnny Bundy for which he was hated by Ted, he served as a hospital cook at Tacoma’s first Methodist church.

Let me walk you down memory lane, probably every person turned murderer share this one common aspect which should definitely be taken into consideration and I would call it “Social Instability” which certainly could serve as one of the fundamental reasons that attract their insanity which potentially would be displayed in the form of killings of innocent human beings and the history couldn’t agree more.

Let me tell you how Ted used to occupy himself in his spare time, or whatever it is you would like to call it. I’ll leave that up to you. He constantly used to wander the neighborhood expecting to find pictures of naked women in the trash barrels. His excessive consumption of alcohol and his peering through partially closed windows/drapes in order to get a glimpse of women undressing or anything his eyes could catch was a part of his bizarre and disturbing doings.

In an interview, he expressed his desire for macabre which includes him watching/reading documentaries based on crimes especially the ones involving sexual violence and mutilation of the corpse. As disturbing and weird as it sounds, it’s the exact opposite for a man who developed an admiration for knives when he was just 3 years old. 

“I didn’t know what made people want to be friends,” “I didn’t know what underlay social interactions.”

Ted Bundy

Bundy who initially wanted to major in Chinese and urban planning later went on to graduate with a degree in psychology from the University of Washington in 1972. He excelled in this field and was well regarded by his Professors. A few years later regardless of his average performance in the LSAT (law school admission test), he was accepted into Law school as a result of the recommendation of several professors from UW and Daniel J.Evan with whom he had a brief run during his state campaign.

Prior to these events while studying Chinese, Ted was involved in a romantic relationship with a woman who went by the name Stephanie Brooks, but she ended their relationship due to the fact he not being ambitious, immaturity and failing to live up to his potential (by this time he dropped out of college and landed on numerous jobs).

A few years later impressed by his amazing transformation into a man who could carry himself in spite of adversity, they both rekindled their relationship while Ted was also involved with another woman named Elizabeth Kolepher. Yeah, he dated both of them simultaneously concealing their very existence to one another. This newly ignited relationship of Ted & Stephanie took a step further when they discussed their marriage. However, it was revealed that Ted never was serious about Stephanie. This time when he walked away leaving no clue regarding his whereabouts and when she finally managed to reach him through a phone call expecting an explanation, he barely recognized her and said “I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

It’s pretty obvious the ultimate motive behind his whole drama was payback for what occurred between them a few years ago when she broke up with him where his potential was questioned and undermined.

It was during this time the unpleasant words started to circulate regarding the disappearance of young women. No one exactly knows the accurate date when Ted went on a killing spree and in fact, that doesn’t really matter due to the fact that lives were taken.. taken in the most gruesome manner possible. Let me provide a little insight into how he carried out his murders. Ted often raped his victims before bludgeoning them to death with a metal object.

We are aware that most serial killers do have this pattern which they follow in order to successfully lure their victims, certainly, Ted had one of his own to do just that, and in comparison to other murderers, he had a few built-in advantages such as his looks and education that played a fundamental part in his killings. He usually fakes an injury, manipulates women into helping him, taking advantage of their caring nature, and lures them to his car before raping and brutally killing them. In short, Ted was a man who played the victim role to lure women who later became his own victims.

Nothing lasts forever, Ted was finally arrested following his failed attempt on a woman named Carol Daronch who was fortunate enough and was one of the few to escape his advances which eventually led to his incarceration, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Ted managed to escape twice during his time but ended up getting caught, not before he murdered his last victim Kimberley Leach who was just a 12 year old.

So now the man who had earned the wrath of his community and everyone who heard of his brutal story was eagerly waiting for his execution to move up and later celebrate as if it was some kind of festival. On January 24th, 1989 Ted Bundy faced his fate when he was finally put to death by an electric chair.

Written By: Rtr. Nadir Muhammadh.

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