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Let me introduce you to the current RACC Mid Town Board,
2019/20 is the year where all of them soared,
To start off with the President and Nipun is his name,
Having girls in his arms is how he achieved fame,
Basith being a Liverpool fan – so its always next year,
He is very helpful and really a dear,
Dina is all about being sassy & has a sense of style,
But when it comes to a joke – to understand it she takes a while,
Madam Secretary Nadeera thinks she is all cool & calm,
When there’s work to be done she works like a charm,
Then we got Hamza who’s always very quiet,
He doesn’t look like he eats much & always on a diet,
Up next is Ammaar & he can be annoying as a bee,
If there’s food around he goes me me me,
Our sergeant at arms known as Insaaf the podi one,
A very helpful caring person you can find under the sun,
Nilisha has a laugh you won’t forget anytime soon,
Give her a bun and watch her eat it with a spoon,
Haneef is a sweet guy but can be dense at times,
He is very cheerful & wherever he goes he surely shines,
We then have Farhan a cricket lover,
And sometimes goes missing – not sure if he is working undercover,
When it comes to articles you can count on Chirag known as CJ,
If drama was a sport that would be his play,
Akhila is the founder of the famous coco space,
If you want to fly to the moon you can go to his place,
Nelushi is this tiny girl you’ll probably not see over here,
Holds out her hands to help anyone without fear,
Finally we got AK who’s a football freak and fan,
Toxic on the pitch thinking he can do whatever he can,
In the end no matter what is said or done,
This RACC Mid Town board bunch is crazy fun!

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