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Mid Town Big Bash 2021

Post Views: 1,513 This article is not biased (maybe, maybe not only I would know evil laugh) because I was the scorekeeper for the Mid Town Big Bash 2021!! Every time we hear the words “How was that?”, “Bowled out” or” Caught”, we can only think of the heartbeats, the cheering, the pressure and the...
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The limelight of PR in Rotaract

Post Views: 1,579 In the early 2010s, the tech geeks were still shouting from the rooftops about how the internet would connect us all and create a more liberal global community.  Smartphones hit critical mass. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube were connecting all of us with such ease that we already...
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Nostalgia 2016: Midtown Day

Post Views: 76 Drawing closer to the end of 2016 saw the club with a flurry of activities, and today we take a walk back as we reminise on some of the key events that took place because after all the past defines who we were and points us to where we have to go...
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