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Mid Town

The Lady Killer

Post Views: 1,225 Murder Mystery #6 Unfortunately, facts are undeniable, regardless of how hard people try to let it out of their minds unless they accept who they are and move on or let their impulses absorb their mentality and provoke its stability, rather than sooner or later it will influence their decisions on being...
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What is the MMDA?

Post Views: 2,432 Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) was enacted in the year 1951 to govern Muslim inhabitants who marry another Muslim (including converts to Islam). The root of the Sri Lankan MMDA derives from the marriage and divorce code of law exported from Batavia (present-day Indonesia) during the Dutch rule of 1770. Between...
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The Matrix

Post Views: 1,609 Hi, welcome to the matrix.  It’s the year 2020, cyberpunks have taken control of much of the internet 🌐. Some of the most nefarious one’s have been captured by Interpol and were added by the master programmer as they have been causing havoc around the globe. THE DIGITAL CLOUD HUNT was created...
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