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Here are some quick and easy tips which you can incorporate to your day to day lifestyle to bump up your sense of appeal!

  • Thrown in some heals for any outfit and witness the instant confidence boost. You can go from a normal look to a fancy Saturday night outfit in seconds by simply adding heels to your outfit.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard of this quote. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but have you heard the 2000’s version of it? Red lipstick is a girl’s best friend. Apply some red lipstick for a luscious look to rock any outfit. What makes Red lipstick so great is that it works for any occasion and works for night and day looks too.
  • Make sure to keep your eyebrows in shape at all times. I cannot stress on this more ladies. Your facial features are defined by your eyebrows because the first thing which grabs attention on your face are your eyes. Therefore, it’s important to achieve the right shape for your eyebrows and keep it groomed at all times.
  • Did you know that the opposite sex (Males) pay a lot of attention to your feet. YES!!! I was shocked to have learned this piece of information. According to certain sources there’s a universal appeal to well-groomed feet. So, ladies please make sure to fix your monthly pedicure appointments and not get grossed out by men :p (not that I honestly care about what men think but I hate being grossed at).
    There’s also several at home remedies for pedicures. You can simply soak your feet in soapy water for ten minutes and use a scrubber to scrub off your dead skin, use a nail file to shape your nails to your desired shape, apply some nail polish and make sure to add two coats of sealer and VOILA!! You’ve gotten yourself an at home pedicure at no cost at all.
  • Make sure you own at least one pair of hoop earrings. All of us ladies have our moments of being so confused as to which pair of earring best suits the day’s outfit. Worry not if you own a pair of hoop earrings you know it suits all your outfits in your wardrobe. My personal favorite is the extra-large hoops. That’s super sexy!
  • Do you struggle with pulling off a basic makeup look? Here are a few easy steps for a quick makeup look. You need to own a foundation and concealer which best suits your skin tone and make sure it suits your skin texture (just so it does not turn oily or flaky), own a good pair of mascara which has a handy wand for easy application, an eyebrow pencil and spoolie. Last but not least you need to own a bronzer. Your first step for any basic makeup look is the base, this is the application of your foundation. While you do so make sure to not apply too much or too little make and be sure to cover any marks or imperfection that you may have. This step should be followed by the application of a concealer (should be two shades lighter than your foundation), the concealer should be applied on the T-Zone of your face (under eyes, forehead, chin and on the strip of your nose), after which you can move on to your eyebrows. Fill in and outline your eyebrows to fit the natural hairline of your eyebrows (do not overdraw to avoid an artificial look). You can now top off your makeup look with some bronzer. For this application create a kissing like face and then run your bronzer with a bronzing brush on your cheeks to bring in dimension to your face. This next step is optional, I like to seal everything in with setting spray so my makeup lasts the whole day with no creasing.
  • You need to exfoliate your face every day to avoid breakouts and unwanted blemishes on your skin. An easy at home remedy is lime and sugar. Sugar helps to gently exfoliate all the dead-skin out of your face and the lime will help to sooth and hydrate the new layer of skin under the dead skin. It is important to use a face toner after a scrub to avoid opening of the skin’s pores. Studies suggest that the skin should be exfoliated daily. However, this does not sound practical. So, if you can follow this practice every three days, this should be sufficient for a healthy skin care routine.
  • Cucumber and lemon water is a great form of detox for your skin. Every day for work or college throw in some cucumbers and lemon in to your water bottle and sip on it the whole day and see the different in a couple of weeks. You skin will glow!
  • You want your eyebrows to grow thicker? Here is your solution. Heat some coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil make a solution and add it into a bottle. Every night before you go to bed, take some oil into a cotton bud and apply on your eyebrows and lash eyes.
  • How to keep your perfume on you for the whole day? These are the spots you need to spray: back of your ears, elbows, back of your knees and wrist.
  • Avoid frizzy hair: Use a conditioner, use a comb and not a brush, avoid blow drying and let the hair to dry on its own and use silicon oil on wet hair after a shower.

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