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Pandemic Diaries – Rotary Club of Colombo Infinity

Action Against Hunger by the Rotary Club of Colombo Infinity.

Dear Diary, This is the thirdentry for the ‘Pandemic Diaries’ blog series. Here’s an account of the exemplary efforts of the Rotary Club of Colombo Infinity with regards to the Stop the Spread initiative.

The Rotary movement has always taken pride in being the epitome of serving communities worldwide despite the various challenging circumstances of which the Covid – 19 pandemic was one. 

This holds true in the case of the Rotary Club of Colombo Infinity which set out on a dry rations delivery program to the areas in Colombo, still held under lockdown due to the pandemic. As the infection rates soared daily, the Rotarians braved the streets to carry out this laudable endeavor. 

This project was conducted in three phases, for ease of targeting and effectively distributing the dry rations to areas under lockdown. The phases were also structured with the motive of distributing dry rations once a week.

Phase one of the project was carried out in the underprivileged homes in the Borella area. The area had been in lockdown for over a month and the chief monk of the temple greatly assisted in the distribution of the dry rations. A fair number of dry rations packs were distributed to these needy homes. The packs consisted of foodstuff such as rice, dhal, canned fish, etc.. 

Phase two and three of the project was conducted during December. A number of dry ration packs were distributed to the Maligawatte and Wattala areas which had been under lockdown for a long time. The packs contained necessary foodstuffs for the families there. 

We, the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town greatly appreciate this commendable effort by the Rotary Club of Colombo Infinity and wish them all the very best for their upcoming projects.

Written by Rtr. Aakil Riyaz of Colombo Mid Town

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