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Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town’s installation ceremony of the 41st President

The installation ceremony of the 41st President Rtr. Dina Ali and the Board of Directors of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town was held on 19th of July 2020 at the JCI Colombo Secretariat and the ceremony was broadcasted live on YouTube.

The dignitaries of the evening were invited for the lighting of the oil lamp and were invited to take their seats at the head table. The Sergeant at Arms, Rtr. PP Ishqy Abdeen called the house to order followed by the national anthem. The flag salutation in all three languages was delivered by Rtr. Sajid Ali followed by the Rotaract invocation and four-way test delivered by Rtr. PP Chamathka. The Rotaract formalities came to a conclusion by playing the Rotaract song of RID 3220.

Starting off the proceedings of the installation ceremony, Rtr. PP Ahmed Hibshi took the stage to welcome the gathering. Afterwards, the outgoing Secretary, Rtr. Nadeera Udawatta presented the Secretary’s report. Her speech started off, Even though I am short I stand tall today as a proud Secretary of an outstanding club” followed by a mini video presentation of the 40th year of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town. The video highlighted the following details: A total of 70 projects were completed last year consisting of the following breakdown: Community Service – 16, Club Service – 24, Professional Development – 14, International Service – 9, Finance – 2, Peace & Harmony – 1 and PR – 4

Rtr. PP. Nipun Alwis took the stage to address the gathering for one last time as the 40th President of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town. One of the highlights of this address was the challenging times he had to face along with the club to operate during these challenging times. The address was followed by the club’s long-lived culture of rewarding hard-working members for the past Rotaract year. The following members were recognized for their tireless efforts:

Outstanding Service Gold Award:

  1. Rtr. Hamza Huzair
  2. Rtr. Waajith Haneea
  3. Rtr. PP Ishqy Abdeen
  4. Rtr. Nelushi Perera
  5. Rtr. Shamlan Lashan
  6. Rtr. Ashmal Muneer
  7. Rtr. Sajani Mayadunne
  8. Rtr. Kaizer Majid
  9. Rtr. Aadil Hafeez
  10. Rtr. Stephanie VonHagt
  11. Rtr. Fathima Hamna
  12. Rtr. PP Ahmed Hibshy
  13. Rtr. Umar Inthikab
  14. Rtr. Haneef Mohamed
  15. Rtr. Pavithra Pradeep
  16. Rtr. Mushtaaq Ahmed

Outstanding Service Platinum Award:

  1. Rtr. Chirag Amit
  2. Rtr. Sajid Ali
  3. Rtr. Krishanth Prementhiraraja
  4. Rtr. Aadil Hafeez

Presidential Paragon Awards:

  1. Rtr. Nadeera Udawatta
  2. Rtr. Dina Ali
  3. Rtr. Nilisha Amaratunga
  4. Rtr. Ammar Imran

Emerging Mid Towner Award: Rtr. Haaziq Fhuazi

Most Popular Mid Towner: Rtr. Haneef Mohamed

The Best Team Player: Rtr. Nilisha Amaratunga

Most Outstanding Mid Towner: Rtr. Abdul Khaliq

Next in the agenda was the most awaited component of the event as it was time to introduce the new leader of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town. This wonderful individual was introduced to the gathering by none other than Rtr. PP Insaf Ismail followed by the collaring, handing over the gavel and charter certificate by the outgoing President, Rtr. Nipun Alwis. 

The newly inducted President Rtr. Dina Ali took the stage for her first address as the President. Throughout her address, she took the chance to impart her vision for the year and highlighted the importance of completing successful and sustainable projects which have an everlasting lasting impact on lives with the intention to strive as one. The club’s main focus areas for 2020-21 are as follows: 

President Rtr. Dina Ali concluded her speech by introducing her Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the year 2020-21:

Up next, Rtr. PP Malshani Nanayakkara congratulated the newly appointed president and she was offered a token of appreciation for her unwavering service towards the club. 

Afterwards, the gathering was addressed by the dignitaries namely: District Rotaract Representative Rtr. Kasun Sigera, District Rotaract Chair Rtn. Amjad Yoosuf and the Chief Guest, Rotary President Representative Rtn. Dhamitha Pathirana followed by the distribution of tokens of appreciation by President Rtr. Dina Ali. 

The Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town took this opportunity to thank the virtual presence of over 140 live streamers who joined us with their presence. 

Followed by digital felicitation from Rotaractors not only from Sri Lanka but from various other countries.

The newly appointed Secretary Rtr. Hamza Huzair delivered the vote of thanks for the evening after which President Dina Ali adjourned the 41st Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town which was followed by an incredible performance by the Mid Town Council of Arts.

We, the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town invite you to join us as we thrive towards the pinnacle in the upcoming journey while striving as one!

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