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Pandemic Diaries – Rotaract Club of CINEC


Rise with a Hope, Did you know and Put your Suraksha by the Rotaract Club of CINEC

Dear Diary, this is the 4th entry for the ‘Pandemic Diaries’ blog series. Here’s an account of the exemplary efforts of the Rotaract Club of CINEC who executed 3 projects with regards to the Stop the Spread Initiative.

Rise with a Hope

The Project “Rise with a Hope” was initiated by the Rotaract Club of CINEC. The project was completed in three stages. Phase 1 and 3 were conducted virtually and Phase 2 was in Udupila Weera Vijayaba Maha Vidyalaya. Sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being, and economic growth are among the SDG goals they have addressed in the project. The Rotary focus areas are Economic and Community Development and Disease Prevention and Treatment.

Phase 1

The project was to raise public awareness of the Covid-19 threat through a public relations campaign using social media sites Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp by uploading a series of posts throughout a span of time to get people’s attention onto the deadly virus. Thousands of students moved from a physical learning environment to a virtual one. Teachers turned lesson planning through Zoom-friendly content in a matter of days. However, access to computers and home internet vary by location. In countries such as Sri Lanka, the majority of students had to struggle from lack of facilities, as well as to disruptions in their learning.

Phase 2

A Mental Health Awareness program for grade 11 students at Udupila Weera Vijayaba Maha Vidyalaya was conducted as the second phase of the “Rise with a Hope” program. Rtn. Mr. Nandana Kanakarathne was in charge of this project. The economic impact is now visible as the health and human impact rises, and it marks the world’s greatest economic shock in years. The epidemic measures standards that have been introduced in many countries and have resulted in significant income losses and a rise in unemployment.

Phase 3

The project’s third step, “Rise with a Hope” was held on the 15th October 2020 via Google Meet which was an online conference on the economic impact of COVID-19. The conference was held as a panel discussion, with two experts on the topic from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. As a result, the project focused on Rotary focus areas Economic and Community Development. Most of the countries which faced challenges and perspectives during the pandemic were different. As a result, the initiative “Rise with a Hope” was mostly focused on achieving Sustainable Development Goals 3, 8, and 11. The project’s three phases were designed to raise public awareness about COVID-19 prevention, interact with mental health problems that arose after the pandemic, and assist people in overcoming the economic downturn that the world experienced as a result of the pandemic.

Did you Know?

Rotaract club of CINEC Campus came up with this timely project which took place on 17th November 2020. A Public relations campaign on educating people about the lifespan of COVID 19 Virus on Surfaces, and the project was carried out with the aim of achieving the sustainable development goal of good health and wellbeing. This project is mainly focused on improving community awareness and also educating the people about the life span of Covid-19. The project also focused on Rotary area such as disease prevention and treatment and the SDG goal were good health and well-being.


The aim of the project was to raise community consciousness about the risks of the COVID 19 virus and to emphasize the importance of wearing a facemask. The project was divided into two parts. The first step involved distributing masks to those who were unable to afford to buy a facemask. In Phase 2 of the initiative, it was planned to launch a social media challenge to inspire the public to participate by donating facemasks to people in their communities who are unable to afford facemasks for everyday use. The project’s name, “Suraksha,” was used to encourage people, together with the tag line “Rakennata ha Rakinnata”. Connecting the people with the term “Suraksha,” which means “facemask.” To lend a helping hand to those who are unable to afford facemasks on a regular basis, and to serve them.

Phase 01

The first phase involved distributing masks to those who were unable to support themselves. Phase 01 was located around the bus stand so that it was easier to provide the facemask to the people. The masks were provided for the selected number of people who have close contact with society who do not have the financial ability to purchase facemasks.

Phase 02

The second stage was a social media-organized challenge. During the Second Phase, a social media initiative with the hashtags #PutYourSuraksha and #BeASurakshaka was organized. The public was asked to post a picture of themselves donating facemasks to those who are unable to afford them, while also tagging the Rotaract club of CINEC Campus on Facebook.

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