Packets of Love



How do you celebrate EID? Would you stay at home and pray, visit your friends and family or go on a social service tour. Well Rtr. Salman our president looks at the small people and sees the lack of appreciation for all the work they do.

Packets of Love focuses on a little people, we normally celebrate each religion with a project focusing or revolving around one, our first for the year is focusing on celebrating Islam, during the month of EID, our plan was to give all the lower to middle class workers food and a thank you note.

The Day Before

Salman house, yep! we met up there to prepare all the food and packaging, below is a picture of him “testing” the watalapan, we prepared a lot of drinks, we loaded the watalapan containers with slices from the panel.

We ordered submarines from the same place where we normally get our food for installations, we get the best for our workers!. So our typical menu for them contained pastry, cake, watalapan and submarine

What we bought

Submarine, Pastry, Cake and Wattapalan


We headed around Colombo specifically Wellewatte and Dehiwala, find workers and policemen who on duty, we gave them the food packs and had a few conversations with them about how their lives are doing and what they typical days are like

Sometimes conversation are therapeutic and ease the daily pain, listening is one of the most strongest and human qualities



We ended day, serving around 100 different workers, and having around 30 conversations with people we’d normally ignore on a typical day. This project was small in terms of execution but it did raise awareness and understanding about what people go through, what people suffer from


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