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That is what the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town took advantage of at the recently concluded Car Wash 2020. The Car Wash 2020 was held at Havelock Road in front of the Burgher Recreational Club on the 5th of January. The fundraiser was the first phase for the project “Light Up” which is a signature Community Service project by the club.

It was a nice clear day as the wheels were set in motion for a wet and wild experience (keeping it PG-13) as the hoses and soap guns were locked and loaded. The enthusiasm built up at 8 am in the morning (did I mention it was a Sunday??), the cars were not exactly driving in for a wash but then again people were still recovering from their Saturday night plans. 8.30 and still not a single vehicle pulled in but we were still hopeful and being hopeful paid off because the cavalry arrived in the form of the ladies of Mid Town (honest truth: a girl can sell an Eskimo a fridge with the bat of her eyelashes) as vehicles lined up one after the other to be squeaky clean for the week ahead. Tickets were sold one after the other as Rtr. Aadhil launched an expedition to the nearby car parks with Rtr. Stephanie proved to be fruitful as they were able to sell out the tickets and bring in more funds for the project.

As the sun started to go down, tickets were sold out and the water supply started to dwindle, it was time to close down shop and call it a day. President Nipun called it and everyone else acknowledged it with tired but happy smiles because at the end of the day all these funds will be putting a smile on the faces of children who are less fortunate. Kudos to Rtr. Kaizer and the team for pulling off a successful fundraiser.

By: Rtr. Chirag Amit | Email:

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