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Nambikkai is the brain child between the Rotaract Club of Mid Town and the Roatract Club of Hatton Kotagala. The project focused on Cleaverton Tamil Vidyalam a school in Hatton which was in dire need of a toilet for the girl students of that school. Toilets are a huge part of a schools infrastructure as it promotes personal hygiene and a sanitary place for girls. There was only one toilet at the premises which everyone had to share including the boys and staff alike. This caused a major issue everyday as there were over 150 students in the school who used the only toilet available leading to a major an issue hygiene concern in the school.

The principle of the school was very excited to work with us on this project and was on board helping us through the journey to the end. Most importantly the girls of the school were very excited that they were getting a separate toilet for themselves and did not have to share it with the boys.

The project was funded equally by both clubs together to create a hospitable environment for girl students to peacefully go about their daily needs. By the addition of the toilet the girls of Cleaverton Tamil Vidalam can use their own toilet without having to wait in line for a long time.

All in all the this school deserved this great gift, toilets are a basic human need and needs to be treated a such, so by executing this project we encourage more organisation to look into schools and hopefully do the same.

By Kaizer Majid |

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