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My journey to the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town

After serving the Interact movement back in school, I wanted to join Rotaract to continue my enthusiasm and dedication towards the movement. I was eager to meet new people and have a good time. As a result I began researching on the Rotaract movement and which club I should join, after a numerous number of options and many recommendations. I made up my mind on joining one particular club and, yes I joined the Rotaract club of Colombo Mid Town in July 2021.

I was added to a WhatsApp group called the ‘Mid Town Rainbows’ which is for the prospective members of the club. The club services director gladly welcomed me in and I was requested to attend 3 projects or meetings which was part of the club’s induction procession. Following this my email would have to be shared for approval by the board of directors. The respect given towards a complete stranger by the members of the club, reassured me that I had made the right decision in joining Mid Town.

My first month began with the club’s week long installation ceremony. I was blown away by the creativity brought forth in making the installation a success. The first project in my Rotaract journey was, Project Synergy which was a joint orientation program organised by the Rotaract Clubs of Colombo Mid Town and Colombo Regent. This project helped educate me on many aspects of the Rotaract movement. That was not it, there were fun segments and I was also awarded with a certificate for attending the two day orientation program. My thanks and appreciation goes out the board and the organising committee. 

Next in line was the general meeting, I witnessed many members attending the meeting and the numbers kept rising throughout. After a very official meeting what I noticed is that they never forgot to have fun. I always imagined what a war it would be if this was physical. The combination of the President and Secretary, their work ethic and humbleness really inspired me greatly. 

The second project I participated in was a session on mental health titled, ‘Coping with mental health‘ which helped me in realising that we all go through certain tough situations, but we are never alone and it hit me really hard. All the speakers imparted a great deal of facts which garnered a good deal of attention from the participants.

Another impressive session the club organised was the ‘writers meet up session‘ along with an extremely entertaining activity segment. It was a massive source of encouragement for new members like myself and I was pretty sure that it helped the others who participated too. Finally, I feel honoured and grateful to be a part of this wonderful club and I look forward to doing my best as a Rotaractor.

Written by

Rtr. Muraad Hadjie


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