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Since 1980 this club has been followed up by great Presidents.

A leadership like theirs has been instrumental in Mid Town’s success and it can be seen to this day.

Below are the 40 Presidents to grace this prestigious club.

Past Presidents

Rtr. IPP Nipun Alwis

Immediate Past President

The 40th President of the Club is Rtr. Nipun Alwis; the 40th year of the club was one to be counted for, the
club was able to bag almost all the awards at the 29th District Assembly with the most notable ones being;
Most Outstanding Club, Most supportive club Gold Award, Most Outstanding President & Most outstanding Secretary. During this time, the membership of the club grew tremendously and completed 80 plus projects paving the way for our 5th decade in continuous service in style.

Rtr. PP Insaf Ismail

Past President 2018-2019

39th President Rtr. Insaf Ismail took over office on the 24th of July 2019. This was a record-breaking year as the club was reactivated, the membership doubled and was named the MOST SUPPORTIVE CLUB IN THE
DISTRICT. The club successfully completed 41 projects within the course of the year and the most notable ones being; Most outstanding membership development program, the Most outstanding fundraiser in aid of Club administration, the Most supportive club, the President of the month, Recognition of Service for District’s PR initiatives – Rtr. Dina Ali, Recognition for club’s participation at Rotasia Goa 2019, Spirit of Service for Rtr. Nipun De Alwis and Recognition of club’s efforts for emergency task force – Easter Sunday Attacks.

Rtr. PP Salman Nizamdeen

Past President 2017-2018

38th President, Rtr. Salman Nizaamdeen took over during the Rotary year 2017/18. Some of the notable projects during the year was hosting the District assembly, District iftar celebrations and RCL 2018. Some notable projects during the year would be Hopper Night, Secret Santa 2.0 & Mid Town Day, During the packets of love project was started and is now continued every year in different forms as a peace and reconciliation

Rtr. PP Malshani Nanayakkara

Past President 2016-2017

37th President, Rtr. Malshani Nanayakkara and 7th lady President of the club took over during the Rotary Year 2016/17. During the club hosted Rotaract District Assembly and RCL 2017. The club had iGenius, Iftar Celebrations & Mid Town Day. The club’s signature Community Service initiative Secret Santa was
inaugurated during the 37th year of the club. Another notable highlight of the year is the Winter is Coming
GOT theme party fundraiser which was held during Halloween & the club’s multiple award-winning Rotary
family project ‘Blind Walk’ was inaugurated during the year.

Rtr. PP Zayan Jeffry

Past President 2015-2016

36th President, Rtr. Zayan Jeffry took over during the Rotary year 2015/16. The now-signature project and
multiple award-winning Community Service project ‘Light Up’ was inaugurated during the 36th year of the
club by Rtr. Zayan. The club hosted RCL 2016 and Rotasia 2015 during the year and had Hopper Night
and a notable project called Street Kids Day Celebration in Negombo which was a huge hit. Another highlight of the year is the inaugural Mid Town Day Project which is a successful membership drive initiative of the club which is now a long-standing tradition and is a huge success story behind the club’s vibrant membership!

Rtr. PP Muzaffer Sadique

Past President 2014-2015

35th President, Rtr. Muzzafer Sadique took over during the Rotary year 2014/15. The club hosted the
District Conference as well as PETs & SETs. The annual district iftar, Hopper Night and iGenius was held
during the year. Rtr. Muji introduced the project The Colombo Classroom to the club which was then
continued during the next few years. Rtr. Muji ended the year off in style with 35 awards in the 35th year in service!

Rtr. PP Azaad Abdulla

Past President 2013-2014

34th President, Rtr. Azad Abdulla took over during the Rotary year 2013/14. Some notable projects during
the year were the signature projects such as Hopper Night & iGenius was continued. The club also has a
popular bowling tournament which was a huge success amongst the clubs in the council which was
called Spots & Strikes. The club also inaugurated the first-ever district Ifthar during this year which was then continued every year and is known as one of the district’s biggest fellowship events for the year. During the year the club also hosted the District Assembly.

Rtr. PP Ifras Kamil

Past President 2010-2011 and 2012-2013

31st President was Rtr. Ifraz Kamil who took over the club after Rtr. Zameena Salaam. The 31st year of the club was mainly focused on the Community Service projects such as Scissor Sounds at Angelina Children’s Home and Hatton Orphanage visit – Rotaract Otterbein Joint Project. The club also expanded its service internationally by connecting clubs from the western hemisphere by hosting Roractors from the Netherlands.

33rd President, Rtr. Ifraz Kamil took over during the Rotary year 2012/13. The club’s long-standing
signature IS project iGenius was inaugurated in the 33rd year of the club chaired by Rtr. PP Zayan Jeffry & the club also hosted the Rotaract District Conference during the year.

Rtr. PP Riyaj Fasiq

Past President 2011-2012

32nd President, Rtr. Riyaj Fasik took over the club during the Rotary year 2011/12. The famous M3 meeting was inaugurated during the year. A few notable initiatives during the year would be Hopper Night and District BBQ Night which was hosted by the club.

Rtr. PP Zameena Salaam

Past President 2009-2010

30th President, Rtr. Zameena Salaam took over when inducted President Rtr. Vinodh Madhushan had to leave the country. President Zameena was able to bring the club to greater heights again after the club did not have a president for almost a month. The POT IT pool tournament was held jointly with the Interact club of Zahira College. Rs. 62,000.00 was collected in 2 days for flood relief initiatives by the club under her leadership.

Rtr. PP Tausif Pallie

Past President 2008-2009

With a youthful theme “Love” and some conceptual goals which were set to achieve by the 29th President Rtr. Tausif Pallie. With a theme of “Live Opine Visualize Enjoy” President Rtr. Tausif set the path for a tremendous year of service and achievements. Being the youngest President up to date, building a new era, a stronger bond between the Interact and Rotaract relationship. The Club Hosted the 18th District Conference for the first time in its history. The “IR ” concept (Interact Rotaract) reached a vast audience which lead the club to Host the Best club service Award-winning project for the year 2008/ 2009, IR Bolah, jointly organized with some of the best interact clubs in the country. Winning 9 awards at the 19th District Assembly including Best Reporting Club, Best Club Service project, Excellence Service and the RI Presidential award, taking the Mid Town flag to greater heights.

Rtr. PP Hussain Khaleel

Past President 2007-2008

The 28th President Rtr. Hussain Khaleel took off from heights to new record height producing his IPP as the
District Club Service Director. The key point is winning the RI Citation from then RI President J.Wilkinson and coordinating the RI President’s visit with the Rotarians. He too won the highest participation awards at the
District assembly, conference, trips so on and so forth. He was one of the Great Presidents produced by our Club. The District Trip was organized and recorded the highest participation in the recent past, 11 Mid Townes visited Chennai and Bangalore, India for youth exchange. This year several Rotary projects were
jointly organized with our Club. He re-started the Hopper Night project and concluded in a grand style.

Rtr. PP Rameez Zubair

Past President 2006-2007

The 27th President, Rtr. Rameez Zubair took over as the President and IPP Ifthikar Lafir and Rtr. PP.Riddhi
Bisthamy was appointed as District Secretary and Assistant DRR respectively. Well, a donation to Sammanthurai was a mega event in the avenue of Community Service, while the formation of the M5 meeting to celebrate Rotaract Week glowed in Club Service Avenue. He focuses on building International Understand by visiting the Rotaract Club of Mount Carmel College in India and also hosting the Indian Rotaractor at home. The Club won Several Citation, in recognition of the service offered to the community and District.

Rtr. PP Ifthikar Lafir

Past President 2005-2006

Rtr. Ifthikar Lafir took the leadership in the 26th Charter year and organized the awesome Silver Jubilee Charter event, Ifthar, Feed the Hunger are the other large-scale project this year. A training seminar for Rotaractors in the District too was a mega event training the office bearers to function in their respective Club.

Rtr. PP Nalaka Ratnayake

Past President 2004-2005

Rtr Nalaka Ratnayake was elected as the 25th President. Organized a Car wash project to increase the financial strength of the club. Also, the club organized Iftar for the second consecutive year. Jointly with the French volunteer team, 3 members from the club took part in rehabilitation work in Habaraduwa, Galle, their services were recognized by the Governor of the southern province of Sri Lanka.

Rtr. PP Hassan Huzair

Past President 2003-2004

Rtr Hassan Huzair took over as the 24th President in 2003/04. This year the club maintained regular projects such as Hopper Night, “Iftar” programme for all the Mid Towners. Initiated Poya day project. A fantastic District trip was organized to Nuwara Eliya jointly with the Rotaract Club of Kelaniya. Joined with Karnataka Rotarians Family and Children for an outing. Rtr PP Shafraz and IPP Shabeer were selected to the District committee.

Rtr. PP Sheik Shabeer

Rtr. PP Sheik Shabeer

Past President 2002-2003

The 23rd President, Rtr. Sheik Shabeer – one of the senior Rotaractors who took over the reins in 2002.
Ongoing projects such as Hopper Night, Arunodhaya, Feed the Hunger, Challenge. This year Mid Town hosted a Traditional Evening for Rotaractors who visited from Hong Kong. Club increased its membership by over 100%. Also, the club received District Citation for the year 2002/2003, Best Secretary (Kiyaz), 100% Membership Development, 100% DCM Attendance (Shabeer) and spirit of service award (Ifraz).

Rtr. PP Shafraz Inanoon

Past President 2001-2002

Rtr. Shafraz Inanoon was installed as the 22nd President of the club in 2001. Under his leadership, the club received District Citation for balance program of activities covering four avenues of service, Best Treasurer’s award (Mahudoom Ali), 100% attendance of district council meeting (Shafraz), Spirit of Service award (Shafraz) and the biggest achievement of the year was the Rotary International Recognition award for world Rotaract week activities for a second consecutive year. This year too the club carried out the annual project such as Hopper Night. Mini Assembly, Challenge and “AIR POLLUTION CAMPAIGN” the Joint project with Parent Rotary Club.


Past President 2000-2001

Rtr. Fawazdeen was installed as the 21st president. For the first time in Mid Town history, the club received recognition from Rotary International for World Rotaract Week Activities. The Club received District Citation and Membership development award for the year 2001-2002, also the club managed to complete 36 projects in a balanced program of activities covering four avenues of service, and initiated some creative projects such as Mini Assembly, Challenge, Rotaract Eye Guard project and Feed the Hunger. This year the Immediate Past President Rtr. Arun Pragash Selected as the co-conference Chairman for e-conference for the year 2000/2001.

Rtr. PP Arun Pragash

Past President 1999-2000

Rtr. Arun Pragash was installed as the 20th President of the club in 1999. He’s one of the youngest presidents of Mid-Town. Under his leadership, the club launched “Arunodhaya” a prize-giving organized for Wattahena Kanitu Vidyala, Elpitiya, and also the club was rewarded with 5 district awards for the year 1999-2000, Namely best club service project, best International Understanding project, best treasurer’s award (Fawazdeen), 100% attendance of district council meeting (Arun) and district appreciation award (Rufdhi). Also this year the club membership and financial trend increased over 100%. Five members from the Club visited Madurai, India, on a youth exchange. 4 members participated in the Rotasia Conference in Bangladesh and 2 members participated in Multi-District Convention (India) for the year 1999-2000.


Past President 1998-1999

Rtr. Rufdhi Bisthamy was installed as the 19th President of the club in 1998. This year the club President Participated in the Rotasia conference in India. Also the club hosted Rotaractor from India. The club organized a career Guidance seminar for school leavers at Carey College Auditorium. For the strength of finance of the club Benefit show “THE LAST OF MOHICANS” was organized at Liberty Cinema, Kollupitiya. The ongoing of the club was carried out with a special mention of The Hopper Night and Polio- Plus Programme.

Rtr. PP Srinika Gunewardena

Past President 1997-1998

Rtr. Srinika Gunawardena Linden was installed as the 18th President in 1997. The ongoing projects such as Hopper Night, Prize Giving at the Tamil Methodist Vidyalayam, Keells Foods/Rotaract Inter-School Debating Competition and Paper Collection Drive was held. The Club also participated in a Friendly Cricket match with the Rotaract Club of Colombo Fort, Helped out at the Polio-Plus First and Second National Immunization Days in the Piliyandala MOH area, Donated Medicines to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital monthly, and also the club together with parent club Organised “Rotoguide “ career guidance seminar. The club Vice President chaired “Friends in Action“ a Rotaract District Project. The club received district awards for the Best-organised Installation Ceremony and the DRR visit.

Rtr. PP Terathi Ahamat

Past President 1996-1997

Rtr. Terathi Ahamat, sister of a Past President, was the fourth lady who took over the office of the 17th President. This year too the club carried out ongoing projects like the hat collection in aid of Mulleriyawa Hospital, Hopper Night, Mid Town family day, prize giving of the Tamil Methodist Vidyalayam. The special mention of the year- the cash donation to the Thihariya Handicapped Children’s Orphanage, friendly Cricket match with the Rotaract Club of Colombo Up Town, Club Trip to Nuwara-Eliya and for the first time the club organized an IU Project called “Around the world in 80 minutes”.

Rtr. PP Nadira Adamaly

Past President 1995-1996

The 16th president, Rtr. Nadira Adamally, wife of a past president was the third lady and the second mother
who took over the office of the 16th President. Construction of a water tank at the Mulleriyawa Mental
The hospital organized the Mid Town Family Day and a prize-giving at Tamil Methodist Vidyalayam. The club produced a District Secretary Rtr. Srinika and a District Conference Chairman IPP. Hilviya for the District in 1995/96. The Club received a special District Citation award for a balanced program of activities for conducting projects in the four Avenues of service.

Rtr. PP Hilviya Jayasinghe

Past President 1994-1995

The 15th president, Rtr. Hilviya Jayasinghe became the second lady and the first mother to take the office of President. The ongoing projects of the club were carried out with special mention of the Hopper Night, Six-a-side Cricket Tournament, Orphan Children’s Christmas party and Keells Foods Rotaract Inter School Debate Competition. Ten (10) pairs of crutches were handed over to the Sri Lanka Army Hospital. And painted the Tamil Methodist Vidyalayam. Issued a joint Bulletin with the Rotaract Club of Sundarban, Bangladesh and collected Rs. 32000/= on hat collection at Majestic City towards the rehabilitation of Mulleriyawa Hospital. A Proud year for Mid Town Rotaract Club as for the first time a Rotaractor PP Adamally went to the USA with the Group Study Exchange Team. Colombo Mid Town was represented at District Level by IPP Shabeen as District Club Service Director and PP Adamally as the District Conference Chairman. The club received a special District Citation Award for the Balance program of activities, for conducting twenty-six (26) projects in the four avenues of service.

Rtr. PP Mohamed Shabeen

Past President 1993-1994

Rtr. Mohamed Shabeen was installed as the 14th, President of the club. This year our president was the
Chairman of the district Project Roto Youth Fun. Further projects like visiting orphanages, donations to Homes have been carried out regularly and continued the second stage of the Mulleriyawa Mental Hospital Project. The club also conducted the 10th-anniversary prize-giving at Tamil Methodist Vidyalayam and the 4th Keells Foods Rotaract Debating Competition.

Rtr. PP Mohamed Adamally

Past President 1992-1993

The 13th President, Mohamed Adamally took over the reins in 92. The only married President. The club assisted in organizing the Rotaract Silver Jubilee in Sri Lanka chaired by the President. The club organized sports projects for the Rotary Youth service month. The club also participated in a Gala evening / Rotary family fiesta, jointly organized by the Interactors and Rotaractors of the District. Special mention of the year is the organizing of the Keells Foods – Rotaract Inter-School Debating Competition. Mid Town put the debating competition and the world of Rotaract on National Television another first in Sri Lanka. Also, the club inaugurated the ongoing Community Service project, repair and maintenance of the two wards 12 & 22 of the Mental Hospital Mulleriyawa and produced a District Secretary Shabeen for the year 92/93.

Rtr. Riaz Osmand

Rtr. PP Riaz Osmand

Past President 1991-1992

In 1991 Rtr. Riaz Osmand took over the club as the 12th President. It was the year the club continued the ongoing projects like assisting the parent club to put up a house at the Rotary village, Habanhenawatte. The Club also had a very successful Motor Rally as the finance project.

Rtr. PP Imthiaz Ismail

Past President 1990-1991

Rtr. Imtiaz Ismail was the 11th President. The District Assembly was organized that year. We hosted a team
from the Netherlands and members visited India and District 330. PP Tariq Thulba was elected as DRR. Our
club won the highest Participation award at the District Conference. The 10th Charter was a novel one as all
avenues of service were carried out that day. Records of 217 guests were present at the charter. Which is
the largest number in the history of Rotaract in Sri Lanka.

Rtr. PP M. Ranjith Kumar

Past President 1989-1990

The 10th president, Rtr. Ranjith Kumar took office in 1989. The first Inter-School Debating Competition was held. An International understanding pageant and United Nations Poster Exhibition was held at the Charter Celebration. Clothes were donated to the Valvettithurai refugees.

Rtr. PP Shiraz Sideek

Past President 1988-1989

The 9th President, In 88 Rtr. Shiraz Sideek took over the club.. The Inter Rotaract Cricket tournament was organized. A novel dance exhibition “Foxtrots“ was held. A tent was donated to the Mid Town Scout Troop.

Rtr. PP Ruzaika Nalim (First Lady President)

Past President 1987-1988

The 8th president and the first lady President Rtr. Ruzaika Nalim (now Faizal) took over the reins in 87. A donation was made to the Leprosy Hospital. A fashion show “EXTRAVAGANZA ” was held. Two members went on Youth Exchange to India and one to District 3220.


Rtr. PP Omar Fahmy

Past President 1986-1987

The 7th President Rtr. Omar Fahmy was installed as the President in 1986. The club hosted two Youth Exchange teams from India and Netherlands and one was sent to India. An orphanage in Ratmalana was color washed. The club was represented at Inter Rota 87 in England.

Rtr. PP Tariq Thulba

Past President 1985-1986

The 6th president, 85’ saw Rtr. Tariq Thulba taking over the mantle of leadership. The Inter – Interact debating competition was held. A career guidance seminar was organized for School Leavers. “Music and Light” a musical show was held. A debate with the Parent Rotary Club was held.


Rtr. PP Sumith Samarasinghe

Past President 1984-1985

The 5th president Rtr. Sumith Samarasinghe was another young President who took over in ‘ 84. “In
concert ” -a musical show netted in the Finances for the year. An award for the best participation at the
Interact Assembly was presented. The prize-giving for the Tamil Methodist Mixed School was initiated.

Rtr. PP Yushri Mohideen

Past President 1983-1984

The 4th President was Rtr. Yusry Mohideen (now Doctor) Although the year was of many obstacles the club enjoyed good Rotoraction. The monthly poya projects and the Hopper Night Fellowship project were initiated. A massive paper drive realized 30 tons of Newspaper proceeds which were donated to the Leprosy Hospital. A novel Disc “VISIOTHEQUE” netted a large profit for the club.

Imthiyaz Razack

Rtr. PP Imthiyaz Razack

Past President 1982-1983

3rd president Rtr. Imthiyaz Razack took over the reins in ’ 82. Although being a young President, he guided
the club through some successful projects. A disc Adieux ’82 was organized jointly with Colombo- West
Rotaractors, Rotofun -fellowship evening was started. Charter President Zaid was elected as the DRR. We
also saw the birth of the Mid Town Scout Troupe. Flood victims of Kalutara were given assistance. A Computer
seminar was held which won a District award of the year.


Rtr. PP Senthilnathan

Past President 1981-1982

1981 saw Rtr. Senthilnathan at the helm of the club. This year there was the painting of wards 7 & 8 at the
General Hospital. The club felt the need to celebrate each major religious activity and originated Projects to
commemorate them.

Rtr. PP Zaid I Aboobucker

Past President 1980-1981

Rtr. Zaid I Aboobucker was the Charter President and with a young band of youth organized many worthwhile Projects. Among them are a youth Exchange to India, distribution of Thriposha and a benefit show; “Christmas Tree”. It was a great charter year for the charter members.