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This article is not biased (maybe, maybe not only I would know evil laugh) because I was the scorekeeper for the Mid Town Big Bash 2021!!

Every time we hear the words “How was that?”, “Bowled out” or” Caught”, we can only think of the heartbeats, the cheering, the pressure and the amazing cricket match by two the teams out in the field. I think this is the best way to start describing the Mid Town Bash 2021.

The all-important trophy 🏆.

For those who don’t know what it is, it is the annual Inter Mid Town cricket tournament, it was held on the 20th of February at the CGR grounds, Ratmalana.

This was one of the most competitive tournaments that was organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town. As the second edition of the big bash, this time players were selected through an auction and the teams were Mid Town Tuskers, Insaf’s Tyrants, Nipun’s Elite Squad and Hussain Gangsiya and teams were managed by Rtr. PP. Ifraz, Rtr. PP. Insaf, Rtr. IPP. Nipun, Rtr. PP. Hussain respectively. (The first edition was played according to the houses of the club).

The tournament kick-started with, Nipun’s Elite Squad Vs Hussain Gangsiya and from there Nipun’s Elite team started searching for their spot in the finals winning the first game by 18 runs, and the next match was between by Mid Town Tuskers and Insaf’s Tyrants where Insaf’s Tyrants found an easy 42 run win.

Game three of the tournament was between Insaf’s Tyrants vs Nipun’s Elite Squad where Insaf’s Tyrants made and magnificent first innings by bat where they won by 20 runs after a good defending against Nipuns’ Elite Squad by the ball too, and Insafs’ Tyrants confirmed their position in the finals after two good games and they won their last game of the group round against Hussain Gangsiya, thus going unbeaten in the group round.

Hussain Gangsiya and Mid Town Tuskers were not lucky as they wished so they had to give up the idea of finding a spot in the finals after losing most of their matches in the first round.

After the group matches, an exhibition match was played between the District Committee and The Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town. After a good game, the District Committee won the match. But the question on everyone’s mind was on who’s team did Insaaf really play for? 😂😂.

The Finals

Insafs’ Tyrants led by Rtr. PP. Insaf and Nipuns’ Elite Squad led by Rtr. IPP. Nipun got through the group rounds and came out to the field for the finals. As the scorekeeper, I had to go through some difficulties when it came to managing the scores. Anyways Nipun’s Elite Squad won the toss and elected to ball first and where Insaf’s Tyrants made a good first innings by bat and as well as from the ball and were crowned Champions of The Mid Town Bash 2021 without getting beaten by any team throughout the tournament. (Some could say they are the Invincibles of Rotaract cricket).

Big Bash Champions 2021

•    Man of the Finals: – Insaaf

•   Women of the Finals: – Nabeeha and Stephanie

•   Man of the Tournament: – Farzan

•   Woman of the Tournament: – Stephanie

But it doesn’t matter who won (ok maybe it does a bit, obviously) because at the end of the day everyone had a good time enjoying the matches and supporting their favourite teams plus the free lunch was a bonus.

Also Rtr. Kaizer sat this one out. Wonder why though? (😇).

So until next time signing out from the CGR Grounds in Ratmalana this is Rtr. Dilshan Bandara. 

Written by Rtr. Dilshan Bandara

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