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This article might seem biased because the writer was part of the winning team.

A swing and a miss, the noise of ball hitting timber with the resonating sounds of delight from the 6 players on the field. There is no better way to describe the final moments of the Mid Town Bash 2019.

Some may wonder what is the Mid Town Bash? (it’s most definitely not an EDM rave) It was the inaugural inter Mid Town cricket tournament which was held on the 14th of December at the CGR grounds, Ratmalana. This is the first competitive tournament to be organised ever since the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town implemented the house system within the club. The 4 houses consists of The Rising Phoenix, Goal Diggers, The Real Midtowners and The G Gang (why don’t you come a bit closer and let me whisper into your ear the real name of G Gang). Much to the dismay of the Club members this tournament was only able to play host to 3 teams as most of the members were suffering from illness (what a bummer).

The tournament kick started with G Gang playing the mix team of Goal Phoenix. G Gang having the likes of IPP. Insaf Ismail and Rtr. PP. Ishqy Abdeen in their ranks amongst a few other notable names were the team to beat in this tournament as they were fresh off the RCL practice sessions. Winning the toss and electing to bowl first Goal Phoenix were put to the sword by the opening duo of Ishqy and Insaf who piled up the runs to set a mammoth total for Goal Phoenix to beat. Coming in to bat Goal Phoenix were set on the back foot as they lost in form player Rtr. Haaziq to a slow ball of Rtr. Chirag (apparently that was the fastest he could bowl). The rest of the batting line up crumbled as the run rate increased and the game ended in favour of G Gang.

The second game of the day was between Goal Phoenix and The Real Midtowners which was the most exciting match of the tournament as both teams were equal in the ranks but unfortunately for RMT, they lacked the fire power to close out the game.

Game 3 of the tournament was between The Real Midtowners and G Gang. RMT led by Rtr. Basith looked in fine form at the beginning of the game as they were able to get some runs on the board but the powerhouse duo of G Gang were too much as they cruised to the finals of the tournament.

With the end of the preminilaries coming to an end and G Gang being undefeated they advanced straight to the final. Whilst Goal Phoenix led by Rtr. Thushan and The Real Midtowners led by Rtr. Basith locked horns for the second time with Goal Phoenix looking to repeat their win from earlier. However, the tides did turn with Goal Phoenix losing the plot as runs were not scored and the bowlers not hitting the right line and length (IT WAS A DISASTER!). The Real Midtowners surely made it a point to prove they were a team not to be taken lightly.

“Cometh the final, cometh the man” is the most suitable quote for the heroics of one player in particular for the Final. Winning the toss and electing to bat first, G Gang sent out their dynamic duo to unlease their wrath on the hapless bowlers of The Real Midtowners. Rtr. IPP. Insaf made a dashing individual score of 50 after a hitting 6 6’s off Rtr. Kaizer’s over. When it was the RMT’s turn to bat, it seemed like they were able to reach the target but in the middle of the innings after an excellent over by Rtr. Nethsara, the pressure was too much to handle and they couldn’t reach the target during their allotted overs.

And with that being said G Gang were crowned the inaugural Champions of The Mid Town Bash.

But it doesn’t really matter who won because at the end of the day everyone had a good time and yes let us not forget the lunch that was served that day, Red Rice, Soya Meat, Parippu, Fried Potatoes (My mouth is watering as I’m typing this out) which was prepared by Rtr. Nadeera (is it safe to call her Aunty?)

So until next time this is Story telling journalist Chirag Amit signing out from the CGR Grounds in Ratmalana and I hope you enjoyed my recap on the Mid Town Bash 2019.

Rtr. Chirag Amit |

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