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After a lot pestering and bribing to write a blog, from people I will not name (Haneef), I am finally writing one. Why, you may ask.. because Goal diggers are in the lead! On a serious note though, that is exactly why I am writing this, so that I can try and contribute in some miniscule way, to the team, so as not to be a free rider for most of the year.

A heads up though – this article is mostly going to be about me bragging how amazing of a club and family I am part of. No, I am not kidding, no sarcasm, nothing, just plain boasting! Yes, I can be shameless like that.

Having spent 4 years of my entire Rotaract career in Mid Town I can tell you that I am not regretting taking up the invite to join this Club when Muji invited me, and then his VP too – little did I know the VP had ulterior motives, If you know, you know. Anyway..

I am an introvert. I usually go MIA for a short – sometimes a few consecutive short periods of time. This is normal – for an introvert – some of you need to believe me on that (you know who you are -_-). We need to hibernate; we need ‘Me’ time. Jokes aside, they do believe me and they do give me time.. which is why when I am back out of hibernation I can go back, no judgements at all. I don’t feel alienated. They’re family.

Diversity is key in Rotaract and Mid Town has embraced in all ways possible. From the ethnicities, to the personalities and characters, to their passions, to their skills and to what we do. Mid Town is also a lot of other things. It’s a full mix of everything. A Mid Town Achcharu J Here’s a quick look at the ingredients of the achcharu that makes it so great.

We boast how diverse we are, when we became the first club to conduct the Rotaract formalities in all three languages at our installations and now to the posting of blogs in all three languages.

We boast how diverse we are when we brag the skills and competencies the entire club has, when put together. From writers, to poets, to dancers, to models, to fashion designers, to marketers, to bankers, to pro gamers, pro photographers, to entrepreneurs, to self-makers, to sportsmen and women, to engineers, to quantity surveyors, to educators, to under grads, to post grads, to cheerleaders, to… you get the drift. You name it, we’ve got them! If not, they’re in the process of joining us. Dead sure of that – you know we have our ways B)

We boast of the open culture our club fosters and encourages. Your opinions are heard, and accepted, sometimes after a healthy debate, but whatever said your opinions are respected. You can voice your mind.

We boast of how fun the club is, with all of the crazy personalities – who entertain all of us, the projects we do like the Quaran-Tea chat sessions, the crazy situations we get ourselves into and you can’t forget the exclusive Mid Town drama too.

This is just a gist of the entire picture, and you probably now understand why I wanted to brag.

 “Surround yourself with dreams and doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” – a quote I like to live by, and it basically my reason for continuing to be a part Rotaractor from Colombo Mid Town.

Mid Town has always been and will always be one big crazy family.

I am forever grateful and proud to be a Mid Towner. The end. – I will now patiently wait for my crepe.

By Rtr. Nuzhath H. Zayan Jeffry | Email:

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