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There are two souls we all know – and have you heard the tale,
one’s a gentleman and the others a nightingale,
one is always early and the other is always late,
but both of them together are definitely great.

well let me introduce you to the RACC mid towns two,
President nipun alwis and his secretary nadeera also his boo,
now im not going to tell you who’s the strict one here,
but one of them is very sweet and dear,

Nadeera has her skills when it comes to any work,
She manages all her house, office and club chores within a day – definitely her quirk,
Nipun has his character and definitely his charm,
Wonder how many girls want to be in his arm,

No matter what comes at them they take it with a will,
a will thats so great – with enough energy to power a mill,
RACC Mid town is proud to have these two souls,
in the end they did achieve many and all of their goals!

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