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Reconciliation is generally understood to be the reestablishment of friendly relations, though it assumes different forms and roles in different contexts. In light of the current situation, what better way to quandary than what we Rotaractors know best to do? Peace and reconciliation through fellowship!

The ‘Inter-Faith Ifthar 2019’ was organized by the Rotaract Clubs of Colombo Mid Town, Colombo North, Colombo Fort, Colombo West, Cinnamon Gardens, Wattala, Kandy, Singer Sri Lanka, IIT, ACBT and AOD. Nine different clubs came together to organize an evening of devotion called ‘Ifthar’ which is to break-fast at dusk.

The ‘Inter Faith Ifthar 2019’ took place on the 26th of May 2019 at the Rtr. DRR Amjath Residence, was of paramount importance as the need of the hour was addressed. Rotaractors from different religions came together in numbers to share a meal with their Muslim brothers and sisters in true spirit of Rotaract! It was an open house event where we hosted 350 Rotaractors under one roof sharing and involving the different religious observance.

The agenda of the project included a welcome note which was then followed by some speeches by DRR Amjath, IPDRR Anuradha and DRRN Kavindra, who appreciated our receptive action on this project given the current situation of the country. The concluding speech was given by Rtn. Numan Zarajdeen who encouraged the youth to do more actions regarding the peace and reconciliation.

The food cannot get any more authentic! Following ‘Ifthar’, ‘Biriyani’ (dinner) was served in ‘sawans’ of six on the ground which was then followed by the ever so famous ‘Watlappan’. Again we saw that differences in culture or faiths didn’t matter.

Every year the annual ‘Ifthar’ is now one of the most awaited events in the Rotaract calendar and definitely making a huge difference in understanding other faiths and surely contributing towards peace and reconciliation.

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