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From the fear of going to a new place to goodbye tears, our bond grew stronger.

Mind full of questions and heart filled with nervousness as it was my first Inter District Youth Exchange. We arrived at the airport early morning with no clue what happens next, but to our surprise we were greeted with White Lotuses by beautiful people, Rtr. Shehani Leo of Rotaract Club of University of Colombo faculty of Management and Finance and Rtr. Nipun Alwis Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town. The twist to our journey just started.

Sri Lanka is a super beautiful place with very loving people. The country is small but the people have very kind and big hearts filled with love and care. They made us so comfortable that we forgot we were away from our Homeland. If I was asked to choose a place to spend my entire life, then it would be “Sri Lanka”

Peace dwells near the Ocean,

Sunrise is a beautiful sight.

Top of the trees waving to the breeze,

Bright Blue Sky is above beauty to the eye.

I liked the cleanliness and the traffic rules of the cities. Sri Lankan’s are very patient and polite. In Colombo, we visited many places, the iconic Gangaramaya Temple where you feel the inner peace, Independence Square, Laksala, Colombo City Center and many more places. We had signature dishes of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Chicken Kottu Roti, String Hoppers, Lamprais etc.

Kandy is the one of the most beautiful places to visit. Rtr. Kenneth and Rtr. PP. Rehan welcomed us with beautiful smiles. The scenery was serene and made our hearts content. You can just sit at the View Point and watch the city for hours. You can roam around the street of the city for the entire day. The sky looks like a painting on a canvas. We visited the Bahirawakanda Temple, University of Peradeniya, Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, where we found true essence of worship and many more places.

I would specially thank Shehani, Nipun, Shanithi, Pasan, Sajani, Keith, Saseni, Kenneth, Lahiru, Pahan, Kevin, Rehan, Nemesh, Angelo, Dilky, Tashiya and the list is too long. And the most important person DRR PP Krishan Balaji.

Honestly, it was a very good experience. We created many memories. Many more memories are yet to be made. Yes, I have left my heart in Sri Lanka.

See you all very soon.

By Rtr Priyanka Dhamale | Member of Rotaract Club of Pune Mid East

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