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As days go by, sitting inside 4 walls

I happen to notice my heart’s unseen hole

The one I covered a couple months back

Telling myself I’ll never ever backtrack

And then I met you, you sweet, charming boy

The way you swayed my heart, really makes me coy

Said you found a small hole, opening inside your heart

From that point on, didn’t want to feel apart

Your repeated compliments of me being ‘so nice’

Made me feel like I would suffice

Your witty sarcasm and charming ways

Led my heartbeat to a different bass

More days go by, as our lengthy talks

Have now become simple and pretty short

I saw myself dreaming about you every night

Not thinking of how, it will never come to light

Our thoughts may have differed 

but our dreams weren’t however

and my heart really thought

I finally found someone better

Yet one sunny day, you called me to say

How happy I was the first to hear him say

His once opened hole is being repaired

And they are now back – a pair 

I wished him well, 

I truly did

He was really happy, 

I won’t kid

My moment shall come, I said to myself

Maybe not with him, but with someone else

So I sit back down, inside my 4 walls

Covering up that once opened hole

– The Writer is a member of our club who wishes to remain anonymous.

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