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Six teams. One Champion. Fighting for glory!

Six Rotaract teams were divided into two groups. Group A consisted of Colombo Mid Town, Achievers and The District Committee. Group B consisted of Colombo Mid City, Wattala and Wellawatte.

The game kicked off with a match between Wattala and Colombo Mid City. Wattala brought on a strong side and took the lead within the first few opening minutes of the game with a beautiful pass for a tap in goal. Few minutes later Wattala extended the lead to 2-0 giving them a comfortable 1st half. In the second half Wattala made some changes to the squad and then Mid City scored 2 goals in quick succession to make the scores even at 2-2. Wattala went back to their main squad and took the lead again within the next minute but Mid City weren’t giving up that easy and came back with another goal to make sure the scores stayed the same at 3-3. Wattala wasn’t done, with one last effort they pushed down the ground and secured the first victory of the day with a one goal lead ending the game at 4-3.

The second game was a match between Achievers and Colombo Mid Town. The first three minutes of the game was intense with neither team getting the ball close to the opponent’s goal, but after a minute Colombo Mid Town broke the dead lock with a cross from Rtr. Abdul to Rtr. Farhan who finished it with a tap in. A minute later another cross from Rtr. Abdul to Rtr. Farhan made sure that Colombo Mid Town had a comfortable 2-0 lead before half time. The second half a few changes were made and Rtr. Aadhil came in for Rtr. Farhan and Rtr. Insaf switched out for Rtr. Sajid Ali. The second half brought 3 more goals to Colombo Mid Town with Rtr. Abdul starting off proceedings with a shot from the halfway line to score and assisting two more tap-ins for Rtr. Aadhil to score and finish off with a score line of 5-0 to Colombo Mid Town.

The third game was between the Rotaract clubs of Wellawatta and Wattala. After the first game Wattala did not go easy and had their game faces on. Wattala played a one touch passing game and before the first half was done, they had a solid 3-0 lead against Wellawatte. The second half did not favor Wellawatte where they missed out on scoring 2 goals when the attacker missed his shots. Wattala went on to score 3 more goals to make it 6-0 and an overwhelming victory for them.

The fourth game was the first game for The District Committee where they faced the Rotaract club of Achievers. Achievers looked like they wanted to top the group when they played with all they got scoring 3 goals in the first five minutes making it 3-0. The second half Achievers went on to score 2 more while taking a comfortable 5-0 lead against the District Committee. The District Committee almost scored twice but failed to hit the target as the goal keeper made sure it stayed that way. The final scores stayed at 5-0 giving Achievers their spot on the first semi-final.

Mid City needed to just draw the game which would make sure they proceed to the semi-final whereas Wellawatte needed to win it to make sure they secure the semi-final spot. Wellawatta were determined to win this game no matter what the cost. Wellawatte started off with some good passing movements and scored a quick goal giving them the lead at 1-0. Wellawatte then went off the defensive as Mid City kept on attacking with gusto to make sure they weren’t going down easy. All Wellawatte had to do was hold on to this lead to make sure they would go on to play the semi-finals. At half time Wellawatte held on to a slim lead of 1-0. The second half was underway and Mid City equalized with a long range goal, their specialty making it 1-1. Wellawatte kept on trying but to no avail and the final whistle blew where Mid City emerged to the semi-final with a draw securing them the place.

The final group stage match was played between The District Committee and Colombo Mid Town. Colombo Mid Town changed their whole line up other than the goalkeeper and cruised on to take a comfortable 3-0 lead in the first half. The second half Colombo Mid Town changed the squad with their starting line- up and the goalkeeper and went on to score 3 more goals making it a huge 6-0 win for them.

The first semi-final was between Achievers and Wattala. After two games it looked like Achievers were tired and worn out. Wattala scored an easy 4 goals in the first half while Achievers scored a mere one keeping the score line at 4-1. The second half Wattala shuffled their lineup. Achievers scored again to make the score 4-2. It looked like Achievers were ready to give a fight, but Wattala was having none of that. They brought on their striker and had a comfortable victory of 9-2 to end the first semi-final convincingly.

Mid Town faced off Mid City for the second semi-final. The first half was intense with Mid City having control of the ball for most part of the game. 4 minutes into first half a long range shot from Mid City ensured they take a 1-0 lead. 2 minutes later a long ball from Rtr. Hibshi to Rtr. Abdul made the scores level where it was a 1 on 1 situation with the goalkeeper at a very tight angle. But alas in the second half it was all about the levels of stamina where Mid City won over Mid Town taking away the game with a 3-1 victory to proceed to the finals to face off Wattala.

The finals took a surprising turn where the favorites of winning the tournament Wattala were down by 2 goals to none. Two long range shots again from Mid City ensured there were holding on to the lead. The beginning of the second half Wattala was at it with renewed energy. Wattala tried 4 long range shots at the Mid City keeper but was unable to beat him. Mid City keeper by far was the man for them to see this throw. The barrage of shots from Wattala did not stop and eventually it paid off when Wattala scored two goals in quick succession to equalize the game. With one-minute remaining Wattala gave it their all but at full time it was a 2-2 draw leading on to a penalty shootout. With a coin toss deciding that Wattala will take the first penalty they made sure they scored. Mid City scored the penalty making the penalty shootout at 1-1. Wattala went on to score again and this time Mid City missed giving Wattala the winning edge at 2-1. The third penalty was crucial to Mid City, if Wattala score they become the champions, if they miss Mid City would have another chance to try again. With all eyes at the Wattala penalty take and the Mid City Goalkeeper the air was filled with intensity. Wattala made sure they did not miss the penalty and making sure that they emerged as the Champions of Futbol Sala!

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