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Do aliens really exist?

Of the many existing conspiracy theories that exist, the ones based on the existence of aliens are those that intrigue multiple individuals deeply. The list goes on from sci-fi writers to scientists to conspiracy theorists, from the kid who loves the marvels of nature to the book worm who wears a UFO based T-shirt, almost everyone has an interest in extraterrestrial beings and activity regardless of whether or not they exist. 

To this day we have no concrete evidence that aliens or extraterrestrial life exist and even with the advancement in satellite technology we have absolutely no means of supporting statements that religiously believe there are other living beings in this expanding endless space but even so there are unexplainable historical inscriptions which suggest the legitimacy of the mystery, here are few that I found buckle up for you are in for a ride:

In the ancient city of Tiwanaku (Western Bolivia), a city high above sea level up to 13000 feet, the people of the ancient city have utilised massive monolithic one stone sculpture that weigh up to 450 tons and how these stones have been placed is one big mystery. Some suggest that, the ancient people used logs to slide them across but that’s not interesting now is it? some also suggest that alien antigravity technology must have helped in this.

Also in Tiwanaku, 200 elongated skulls were discovered which is assumed to be of shamans. These skulls were the result of years of external physical stress to mould the skull and it is assumed to have been a way to be presented to their “deity” imitating them as a way of admiration and communication. The quest doesn’t end just yet in the city Tiwanaku, the mystery of the exactness archived in the structures of Tiwanaku without power tool is mind boggling. A good example is the ‘H’ blocks that interlock in an detailed and sophisticated manner that requires no motor and the perfectly engraved calendar that dates to millions year ago which is believed to be a work of extraterrestrial life 

Finally, my personal favorite is the mystery about pyramids and aliens. The pyramid of Giza which was built between 2550-2490 B.C which as the height and width of 481ft and 756ft respectfully covering up to 5.5 acres with four perfect 90 degree angled corners, the level of mathematical advances put into the construction isn’t making you suspect anything I am sure this will, the pyramid is constructed using 2.3 million stones which each weighing around 2.5 to 15 tons.

The pyramid is recorded to have been built within 23 years which means a brick should be placed every 2.5 minutes for 23 years straight, which is not humanly possible even for today’s world let alone in 2550 BC. All the three pyramids of Giza are aligned with the belt of Orion along the great pyramid also aligning with the North Pole.

These are only few mysteries based on aliens existence but that is all for now. So what is your opinion on this? do you believe in them or are they just hoaxes and scientists are wasting time on this? Is it just a conspiracy theory and people are looking too much into it or is there any legitimacy in it? Only time will tell.

Written by

Rtr. Shazeena Naushad


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