Get in touch

We’re glad that you are interested in the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town, the best person to get in touch with regarding the club is our Current President for each year.

But they are usually busy with other Rotaract Matters and maybe unable to attend your needs as timely as you expect, therefore you can also get in touch with the Secretary of the Club.

If either of them are not available to you may get in touch with the Public Relations Director.

Do you want join our family?

Joining our family is pretty easy, but before you do you must understand being a part of a Rotaract Club requires a commitment of time and attendance of your weekly activities.

Rotaract Mid Town becomes a part of your life and in essence you are joining a family as such you must be ready to make time for us, so that we can help you build yourself and you can help the community.

You can join our public whatsapp group and send across your CV to