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The cluster 7, the collective effort of 7 Rotaract clubs falling under this category organized this workshop. With the aim of inspiring students after the completion of Advanced level and to all those interesting in gaining an in-depth knowledge on the topic of Photography and Hypnotism.

Public Relations Plan

CIRCLE 2015, was a cluster project jointly done with 7 clubs, therefore a commonly used source, “Facebook” was selected as a medium to advertise this project. A poster was done including all details of the workshop and was sent via email to selected individuals, while a event page was created on Facebook, through which each club member sent an invite to all Rotaractors.


1.The main objective of CIRCLE 2015 was to help professionals identity their raw potentials. 2.A fundamental guide to the study of Photography and Hypnotism for students after Advanced Level.


All of us usually think out of the box for an idea but this workshop was based on needs and professions within the circle of our life. Which includes photography and Hypnotism. Therefore this was indeed beneficial for all participants present for the workshop.


This workshop helped the professionals in this field of work gain more knowledge and helped in finding their interest and potential.


1.This cluster project included clubs both within colombo as well as those out of the western province. Yet all clubs participated in this event as a team and helped in leading towards it’s success. 2. The rate of participants for a workshop on Photography and Hypnotism was high, which clearly helped us understand that more workshops of this kind must be initiated in future.

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