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Midtown Diaries

Secret Santa 2017

Post Views: 114 Prologue Well it all started with last year when we did a project that no one had faith could be done, but we pulled it off anyway, this year we wanted to do it again. Rtr. Miyuru chaired the project last year but this year we wanted to give it to someone...
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Hopper Night 2017

Post Views: 151 Prologue Primarily known for their immense amount of work and contribution to the community via any kind of services available, Rotaract Club of Colombo Midtown also arranged one special night for all the Rotaractors island-wide to join and enjoy a fun filled “Hopper Night.”
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Colombo Blindwalk 2017

Post Views: 125 Prologue It’s back the most amazing, the most greatest most amazing coordinated walk that, oh wait it happened before
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Rotaract 101

Post Views: 205 Prologue So what do you know about Rotaract? hmm… well here’s one thing that’s common with all new Rotaractors, none of them know what Rotaract is all about. This is where the Rotaract Clubs of ACBT and Mid Town saw opportunity, why don’t we train all of them and give them a...
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Guest Speaker on UI/UX

Post Views: 130 Prologue Well one of the greatest things about design is that it’s not just limited computer graphics and computers, we need usability everywhere, everything we see must communicate valid information so that we can use them Imagine a hammer made look like a metal cube, can it does it’s job? yes, will...
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Packets of Love

Post Views: 177 Prologue How do you celebrate EID? Would you stay at home and pray, visit your friends and family or go on a social service tour. Well Rtr. Salman our president looks at the small people and sees the lack of appreciation for all the work they do. Packets of Love focuses on...
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The Colombo Classroom – Edition 02

Post Views: 124 Prologue Well it all started with Nafli’s contacts in Without Borders and our history with WB as well, you see we’ve done The Colombo Classroom before. wait! what is it? Well it’s this really cool concept is about bringing down children from a village called Deraneagala and have a open walking classroom,...
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