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Midtown Diaries

Project – Coping with Mental Health

Post Views: 254 Social media has a massive impact on our day-to-day live. From influencing ways in which we communicate with one another, to altering the ways in which we think about our lives. This impact is clearly visible in light of the ‘post covid-19’ period where the absence of social media would have plunged...
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My journey to the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town

Post Views: 246 After serving the Interact movement back in school, I wanted to join Rotaract to continue my enthusiasm and dedication towards the movement. I was eager to meet new people and have a good time. As a result I began researching on the Rotaract movement and which club I should join, after a...
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Mid Town’s 42nd Virtual Installation Week

Post Views: 309 Under ordinary circumstances an installation would be held in a venue with Rotaract protocols being followed and everyone getting to interact with one another, nevertheless, we were robbed of the opportunity to conduct our 42nd installation physically. But such an instance gave us the opportunity to put our thinking caps on and...
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TALK WITH HIBSHI – Mid Town’s 42nd President

Post Views: 287 Leadership has always been a buzzword, and for a very important reason; It’s really hard to handle. Our club’s legacy is one with 40+ shining years, primarily because each new president who takes on this mammoth of a task, manages to add their own flavour to the mix. That being said, Ahmed Hibshi...
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What is the Mid Town board of 21-22 like?

Post Views: 401 Here’s a little poem about the current Mid Town board, Not sure if they are feared or adored, Let’s start with our magnificent President known as Hibshi to all, Always busy with work or fifa so never answers a call, Next up we have IPP Dina – a workaholic as anyone can...
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Mid Town makes history at the 31st Rotaract District Assembly

Post Views: 495 The year 2020 was a challenging a year for the entire world. People had to undergo financial, health and several other issues with a global pandemic knocking at everyone’s front door. Despite such dire and trying circumstances, the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid-Town endeavoured to change the despondent spirits of the people...
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2020 was the best year ever,…. said no one, except perhaps me.

Post Views: 728 Well, this is the last time I would sit down and write an article as the Editor for Mid-Town. I’m going to take you on a brief journey of my time as an editor and the theme for the year which was “Well, that escalated quickly.” But if I have to describe...
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Mid Town Council Of Arts

Post Views: 813 Ever since its inception the primary objective and focus of The Midtown Council of Arts has always been about welcoming innovative ideas, creative approach and help display the natural skills possessed by its members. Singing, dancing, art and speech & drama are the 4 aspects the platform prioritizes and had it not...
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An Accident by the Sea

Post Views: 1,174 The current topic on everyone’s minds in Sri Lanka right now is the MVX Press Pearl explosion that occurred on the 27th of May 2021, this week. As news circulates through the hashtag #MXPressPearl; people have been outraged by the environmental pollution caused, the authorities in question and the legalities regarding compensation...
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Joint Bulletin on the Native People of Sri Lanka & Australia

Post Views: 889 Australia’s Native People Australia is the largest island and the smallest continent on the world map. The Australian continent has a remarkable history with a story of isolation, desiccation and resilience on the ark of the edge of the world with a history of the world’s oldest civilization. For the first arrivals...
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Joint Bulletin on the Ancient Pune & Sri Lankan Kingdoms

Post Views: 760 Marata Kingdom In the 18th century, the city was the seat of the Peshwas, the prime ministers of the  Maratha Empire, and one of the most important political centers on the Indian  subcontinent. The city was also ruled by the  Ahmadnagar Sultanate, the Mughals, and the Adil Shahi dynasty. Historical landmarks include Lal...
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The Lady Killer

Post Views: 1,168 Murder Mystery #6 Unfortunately, facts are undeniable, regardless of how hard people try to let it out of their minds unless they accept who they are and move on or let their impulses absorb their mentality and provoke its stability, rather than sooner or later it will influence their decisions on being...
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