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An International Affair

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

―St. Francis of Assisi

When you think of Santa Claus what is the first image which pops into your head, is it an old man who is a little overweight dressed up all in Red with a bag of gift over his shoulders flying around in a sleigh which is pulled by 12 or 13 reindeers then you are correct in the world’s point of view the thought of an elderly gentleman flying around the world delivering the gift to every good child on the planet might be a good story in the hearts of children. But if you think about it, the concept of Mr. Claus really lives in the hearts of every good soul on the planet. The thought of giving in Christmas stays within our family and our lives but as Rotaractors we need to do more to put others before ourselves. 

To spread the joy of Christmas among the merry souls of the island it was planned to conduct a Secret Santa. We decided that we would give a good Christmas to the children of Mother Theresa’s home in Moratuwa, then suddenly an idea popped up why spread the joy of Christmas in one home when you can make it happen in multiple homes around the world. Thus the Idea and scope for “Secret Santa 5.0” was born and we went worldwide. Everything was perfectly set up as we joined forces with 37 clubs from 37 different Districts covering 37 countries from every corner of the globe. We had done the impossible, we managed to pull off something which a single club in district 3220 has never done before we managed to do a project spanning the entire globe but that’s not the goal for us. The Only thing on our minds when we did this project was the sole thought of seeing the smiles of those lovely kids in each of those orphanages around the globe. Some tears were shed on the 24th of December when we finally saw the smiles upon the faces of all the kids. That’s when we finally realized the true gift of giving. 

Written by Rtr. PP Yaswin Rodrigo

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