President's message

Before I joined the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town, a good friend of mine had commented that doing good does not need one to be involved in groupie setups and there are other ways that one can quietly contribute back to society. I had reflected on this point with another comment that joining Rotaract is for camaraderie and fellowship. Whilst each of us could be having different reasons for being a part of this Rotary family, I feel that what makes us specials is our shared values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. The bond we forged from these shared values generates a positive multiplier effect all that we do.
Many of our discussions at district events and meetings, center on ways to get members more involved and engaged in the movement. There are concerns with weak meeting attendance and how clubs need to increase membership and improve engagement.
Placed in the leadership position this year, I will strive to improve attendance, involve all members to enjoy Rotaract activities, increase membership, strengthen our Rotaract image and create a positive change in communities. Our unique strength arises from the special relationship that we have built through our regular meetings, involvement in projects and participation in district events. Our authenticity shines through such interactions and trust in each other enables us to achieve great things together as a team!
I’m privileged to have a board of experienced Past Presidents and enthusiastic members who are eager to serve. I look forward to another exciting and fun year ahead with all of you. Together we shall connect the world and engage in meaningful projects that will fill this world with light.
Yours in Rotaract
Rtr. Dina Ali

Who We Are

One fine day at Green Cabin, Colombo 03 a bunch of visionaries gathered for a piece of cake. Whoever knew a piece of cake and some hoppers will bring birth to a new Rotaract club and the third oldest club in Sri Lanka.

We are a fun bunch of youth-led people to create a difference and an impact in this world to mould themselves and in the bargain do something good for the society. Rightful place as leaders in the industry and in the society of tomorrow. We take youths with dreams and make them adults with vision. As one of the most vibrant youth movements in Sri Lanka. Rotaract is an unmatchable catalyst in promoting peace and harmony, coexistence and tolerance, personal development and professional ethics.


What is Rotaract?

Rotaract is a youth led movement that brings together passionate individuals from diverse communities, with the intent of developing leadership and professional skills through community service.

What is a Rotaract club and what are its primary duties?

A Rotaract club is an organized unit of the Rotaract movement that recruits members to carry out different projects and activities, alongside other Rotaract clubs. The primary duties of a Rotaract club is recruiting new members to carry out it’s various endeavors while also serving the community.

What age category is Rotaract limited to and who can join?

Rotaract is limited to the age categories of 18 and above. Passionate individuals who intend to serve their community in any possible manner can join the Rotaract movement.

What are the benefits of joining a Rotaract club?

The benefits of joining a Rotaract club are multifaceted and the most basic ones are the development of professional and leadership skills while working alongside like minded individuals, with the intent to serve.

The four main avenues of service in Rotaract?

The term “Four Avenues of Service” is frequently used in Rotaract literature and information. The “Avenues” refer to the four elements of the Object of Rotaract: Club Service, Community Service, International Service and Professional.

  1. Club Service involves all of the activities necessary for Rotaractors to perform to make their club function successfully.
  2. Professional Development is a description of the opportunity each Rotaractor has to represent the dignity and utility of one’s vocation to the other members of the club.
  3. Community Service pertains to those activities which Rotaractors undertake to improve the quality of life in their community. It frequently involves assistance to youth, the aged, handicapped and others who look to Rotaract as a source of hope for a better life.
  4. International Service describes the many programs and activities which Rotaractors undertake to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace. International Service projects are designed to meet humanitarian needs of people in many lands.

When a Rotaractor understands and travels down the “Four Avenues of Service,” the Object
of Rotaract takes on even greater meaning.


I, Salute the National Flag of Sri Lanka

Which signifies the

Independence of my Country

And stand for all its People

United as one Nation

I, Pledge all allegiance to Sri Lanka

And undertake to work towards its,

Peace and Prosperity

In a Spirit of Tolerance and Love

Rotaract Invocation

Remember us always as thy children,

Oh lord instill in us the true meaning of friendship,

That the difference of culture and creed should not matter,

At all times endow us with a desire to serve,

Remembering that we too often need help,

As and when the need for service arises,

Caring to make our badge of Rotaract worthwhile,

Tell us that we have not lived in vain.


Of the things we think, say and do

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Rotaract Song


Always, we shine where it matters, 

To serving our fellow men, like no other

 No matter, the creed or culture,

 We pull together, to care for others,



It’s our friendship that makes us thrive, 

True sense of fellowship that makes us shin

 As Rotaractors we always try, 

To reach out and make things bright, 



Together we can make it happen, 

For our fellow men, like no other,

 No matter the creed or culture, 

And we are proud to Rotaractors 



It’s our friendship that makes us thrive, 

True sense of fellowship that makes us shine,

 As Rotaractors we always try,

 To reach out and make things bright, 



Together we can make it happen,

For our fellow men, like no other,

 No matter the creed or culture, 

And we are proud to Rotaractors