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President's message

I first joined the Rotary family in 2008 as an Interactor, when a friend of mine convinced me that being part of a movement such as Rotary would help me be a better person. Ever since I made the decision to be part of the movement, both while being an Interactor and a Rotaractor, it has helped transform me as a person and has helped me become a better citizen. There are different reasons why we choose to join Rotaract. Some of us enjoy the fellowship and friendships we build, for some it’s about serving the community and others are able to build a network that helps them grow professionally. The bottom line is there are various reasons why we are part of the movement and this speaks greatly of the opportunities that Rotaract (and the Rotary family) provide us.

The Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town has a proud history of 41 successful years of continuous service. It is no easy task to lead any Club but to take over the mantle of this prestigious Club is a daunting task. The success of the Club is very much visible in the awards the Club has been winning consistently in the Rotaract District Assembly and the growth of its membership over the last few years. Our members are with us because we provide them with an opportunity to follow their passion in a variety of areas. The obvious avenue is community service but the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town is also greatly known for its support to other clubs, its fellowship and sports like Futsal and Cricket.

Taking over as President this year, my focus is very much over our members. We have always had a responsibility towards our community, but the starting point to serving our community, is to ensure that we develop and upskill our members first. So, the first target for this year is to provide members with the training and platform to be great leaders, thereby having a strong line of leaders to take the Club forward in the upcoming years. The next focus is our community. The last 15 months have been devastating throughout the globe due to Covid and Sri Lanka has felt its fair share of impact with deaths, the sufferings of the lesser privileged and the impact to its economy.

A large number of communities out there are waiting for assistance and as Rotaractors, it is our duty to provide that assistance where possible. This will be a key measure for Rotaract as a whole not just in Sri Lanka but also across the world, as we play our part in helping the affected communities and people back on their feet.

I am proud to have with me a group of young but very talented individuals, both among the general members and my leadership team. Any leader is always only as good as the team with him and in that regard, I am a very lucky President. I look forward to an exciting year ahead and as a very strong youth organization in our community, we will continue to make an impact.

Yours in Service,

Rtr. Ahmed Hibshi Mowlana

FAQ's on the Club

When was the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town Chartered?

The Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town was chartered on the 15th of November 1981 and is currently in its 42nd year of service.

Under what category does the club come under?

The Club falls under the category of a ‘Community based club’, due to membership being open to individuals from all walks of life.

What age groups does the club open membership to?

The club opens membership to anyone 18 and above. There is no upper limit on the years of membership as anyone willing to serve the club is always welcome.

How many members does the club have at present?

The club has a number of 157 general members and we are rapidly growing in number every month.

Does the club have any fun and recreational activities for its members?

Yes, we do. Apart from projects the club has its very own sports department where members meet for practices to hone their skills in futsal, badminton, basketball, etc.

We also have our Public relations circle where members are given the opportunity to work on PR material for the club, along with the prospect of writing for the club blog.



I, Salute the National Flag of Sri Lanka

Which signifies the

Independence of my Country

And stand for all its People

United as one Nation

I, Pledge all allegiance to Sri Lanka

And undertake to work towards its,

Peace and Prosperity

In a Spirit of Tolerance and Love

Rotaract Invocation

Remember us always as thy children,

Oh lord instill in us the true meaning of friendship,

That the difference of culture and creed should not matter,

At all times endow us with a desire to serve,

Remembering that we too often need help,

As and when the need for service arises,

Caring to make our badge of Rotaract worthwhile,

Tell us that we have not lived in vain.


Of the things we think, say and do

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Rotaract Song


Always, we shine where it matters, 

To serving our fellow men, like no other

 No matter, the creed or culture,

 We pull together, to care for others,



It’s our friendship that makes us thrive, 

True sense of fellowship that makes us shin

 As Rotaractors we always try, 

To reach out and make things bright, 



Together we can make it happen, 

For our fellow men, like no other,

 No matter the creed or culture, 

And we are proud to Rotaractors 



It’s our friendship that makes us thrive, 

True sense of fellowship that makes us shine,

 As Rotaractors we always try,

 To reach out and make things bright, 



Together we can make it happen,

For our fellow men, like no other,

 No matter the creed or culture, 

And we are proud to Rotaractors