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May 31, 2021

Mid Town Council Of Arts

Post Views: 881 Ever since its inception the primary objective and focus of The Midtown Council of Arts has always been about welcoming innovative ideas, creative approach and help display the natural skills possessed by its members. Singing, dancing, art and speech & drama are the 4 aspects the platform prioritizes and had it not...
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An Accident by the Sea

Post Views: 1,221 The current topic on everyone’s minds in Sri Lanka right now is the MVX Press Pearl explosion that occurred on the 27th of May 2021, this week. As news circulates through the hashtag #MXPressPearl; people have been outraged by the environmental pollution caused, the authorities in question and the legalities regarding compensation...
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Joint Bulletin on the Native People of Sri Lanka & Australia

Post Views: 1,012 Australia’s Native People Australia is the largest island and the smallest continent on the world map. The Australian continent has a remarkable history with a story of isolation, desiccation and resilience on the ark of the edge of the world with a history of the world’s oldest civilization. For the first arrivals...
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