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Yaalpaanam was a project focused on enhancing the bond between the clubs and Rotaractors in cluster 07. Yaalpaanam successfully connected two ends of the country, Colombo to Jaffna sharing cultures and creating new friendships and bonds. The Rotaractors set out on a two day journey from Colombo to Jaffna and the project also promoted harmony among cultures celebrating the diversities uniting the nation. The project started on 7th February 2020 at 5:00am from Colombo Racecourse. There were so many fun activities done with the aim of ensuring that we get to know new friends in the movement as the cluster project was mainly focused on the club service Avenue. The journey from Colombo to Jaffna was an interesting one for all who participated. We also had many entertainment items such as singing bails songs, dancing etc.…  and we also enjoyed Pol Rotti with a nice maldivefish katta sambol and plain tea when we stopped for a short break. There were also unforgettable memories collected by everyone who participated.

We safely reached Jaffna around 9:00 am on 8th February. There was a house arranged for us and a lovely meal of ‘Idly’ was offered to everyone that was enjoyed a lot. After breakfast all members were taken to the ground by RAC Jaffna Mid Town to carry out the activities. The start was the ice-breaker where the members had to introduce our partners by impersonating. This was then followed by explaining the participants about the ‘sugar cube’. In this everyone should share a nice thought about the  participants written on tiny notes, after the two relays of games the next item was ‘Idly’ eating competition it was an intense session. Rtr. Pubudu from RAC IIT won the competition and also there were certain other physical activities too. After all the games were done, they provided us with lunch. So after the delicious lunch we were taken to the ‘kankasanthrai’ beach and everyone had a chilled-out time at the beach. The next stop for the day was the famous Rio ice-cream which was enjoyed by all members.  Finally we left Jaffna around 10:30 pm on 8th February 2020 and reached Colombo around 7:30 am next day. All Rotaractors got an opportunity to get to know new people, created a strong relationship and also made new friends in Rotaract.

The main objectives of the project was to provide the participants with the opportunity of making new friends. Stronger relationship in the Rotaract movement were made understanding and acknowledging different cultures in the country through regional engagement.

Most of the members who participated for this project were relatively new members. They really got a good opportunity to make friends in Rotaract. The team activities which was carried out gave everyone a good opportunity of working with the new people and building good friendships that would last a lifetime. We also had a chance of experiencing the taste of Jaffna food. Through Yaalpaanam, we were able to share the cultures and learn to embrace the diversities that make the world beautiful

By: Rtr. Salman Mehraan | Email:

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