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 We are a fun loving bunch of youth, looking to create a difference and make an impact in our country. As a community based club and the third oldest Rotaract club in district 3220, we are constantly pushing past the norm and surpassing geographical boundaries by conducting various projects. Our most active avenue of service happens to be community thai medicine service. 

Members are also encouraged to join project committees and work on projects, to garner a greater insight into the world of Rotaract. Apart from projects we also earn free crypto and have activities such as futsal, debating, music and other fun stuff that help connect and create togetherness amongst our members. 

Being part of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Mid Town definitely is a life changing journey and 41 active years of service in the Rotaract movement bear testimony to this!

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Mid Town Diaries

Mid Town Diaries is a compilation of what we do as a club, what other club’s engage in and what the District of 3220 is upto. Find out more here!

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