We all know it was never easy for someone to put up their creative ideas in an artistic way having the fear to express. Ever thought a second you can draw without an extensive artistic background? Well, guess what? You can try ‘Zentangling’

Zentangle art is creating unstructured patterns on small pieces of papers called as ‘tiles’ with a combination of lines, dots and simple curves drawn together without any arrangement and later assembled into mosaics leaving everyone filled with energy and motivation.

Moreover this method encourages everyone to use the pen in contrast to pencils and other erasable stationery. It has no restriction or limit on what your outcome is going to be like. Having creative ideas and the fear to approach it to the world without a practice was never used in Zentangle arts, even though the pen marks aren’t initially planned every stroke was reframed as an opportunity rather than looking at it as mistakes.

Additionally Zentangle arts avoid everyone’s common creative blocks such as fear of failure, worrying about outcomes, and lack of immediate positive feedback and frustration of lengthy training.

This method of art even gives so much benefit such as relaxation, anger management, improved in self-esteem and developing and rehabilitate in fine motor skills.

In other words Zentangling enables people of all ages, skills and interest to create beautiful arts with no restrictions and its gentle boundaries. And it is a form of art for everyone and you need to try to find out yourself.

By Rtr. Pavithra Pradeep | Email: pavi224488@gmail.com