Cue Star Wars theme song

In a galaxy far far away, even further than Spider-Man far from home. There lived a bunch of star troopers or should we dare name them squad RAC Mid Town, who was assigned to have….. FUN. The 28th of July was the date set on the mission log for these daring troopers to head over to the Ocean Ripples Resort, Wadduwa for some valuable R&R and team bonding.

The biggest task was to wake up in the morning to begin the club trip. Traveling in 4 different vehicles, 2 vehicles would meet at Racecourse and then head over to the Mount Lavinia Arpico to meet with the rest of the gang. Having discussed the route 4 vehicles filled with Rotaractors raced towards our destination filled with fun and memories to be cherished. As the vehicles were drawing close towards the venue 3 out of the 4 vehicles raced past and missed its destination. Being in the first vehicle to reach the venue, we soaked in the view and the setup of the venue which had a pool and a big garden just enough to play some cricket and football.

As the rest of the vehicles started driving in the venue host started serving out the welcome drinks, which was just right after a long drive. Rtr. Nadeera started sharing the itinerary for the rest of the day and we moved on to the main hall for our first team bonding session. Getting to know your club members is the key to growing a good relationship within the club and that is what Rtr.Nadeera made sure happened.

So after a couple of hours team bonding the smell of some fresh cooked food made its way into the hall and stomachs started to rumble (Rtr. Chirag and Rtr. Zaahidh were the first to reach the buffet). The menu consisted of Vegetable Fried Rice, Noodles, Chicken, Potatoes, Egg Plant and the traditional Papadam. The food was good you could actually see most of the club members having a food coma.

As lunch came to a close the club members decided it was time for some outdoor activities. So the crowd split to Cricket to the Swimming Pool. From the Cricket side of the venue you could hear the occasional shout “al lapan!” or “Mokakda bung bowl karanne”. Rtr. Haneef got a bubu on his left leg after trying to do a Mahela Jayawardane on the field too. From the wet side of the venue you would only see people dive underwater to get the perfect underwater selfie. Even a failed attempt to create a human pyramid inside the pool could be spotted and let’s not forget the urge that guys have to play some WaterRugbyBall (combination of Rugby and Waterpolo).

Alas’ as the day came to a close with many a jokes shared and good memories that each club member made, a club trip is never complete without the traditional group picture. Bidding safe travels to each vehicle, a smile could be seen on our faces as we drove into the sunset knowing that we would meet each other again.

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