As the new year of Rotaract Mid Town initiates for the year 19/20, Mid Town brought out their shine through their concept “MID TOWN GOES GREEN”. With the aims of making a greener tomorrow and working towards the Sustainable Development Goal 13; Climate Action and Goal 15; Life on Land, Mid Town is yet again cooking up something exciting for this year.

In addition to these main aims, the Midtowners also intend on tapping on the carbon footprint concept. The carbon footprint defines the amount of carbon dioxide an individual, a group or an organization lets into the atmosphere at certain time frame.

While Midtowners all gave a pledge at the beginning of the year to go green at every instance possible they are all working towards the carbon footprint. The carbon footprint will not just be supporting a greener tomorrow but also a safer Earth in long term. This concept also affects the greenhouse effect, where the radiation stored in the atmosphere of the Earth due to carbon dioxide and other gasses emitted will make the Earth too warm. These 2 concepts go hand in hand when it comes to go green concept.

As the first step towards going green, under the “Sambandiyawa” project where we all had an interesting session in visiting all the different religious places and gaining an understanding among each other, Rotaract Mid Town planted 20 plants at the religious places.

With the remembrance of our 40th year, the 20 plants were continued with another 20 plants at our 40th installation ceremony for the year 19/20. Replacing the traditional oil lamp, which participates in the 0.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide that is produced my Sri Lanka every year, Mid Town came up with a more sustainable idea of planting a tree each by the guests instead of lighting up a lamp.

In addition to this, while the president Rtr. Nipun Alwis gave away beautiful indoor plants to our guests, a sack plant seeds were given to all our attendees as a token of appreciation on the day.

Mid Town didn’t just stop there, the plants that were ceremoniously planted at the installation were all actually planted the very day after. Moreover, while our secretary Rtr. Nadeera Udawatta is very cautious in printing and wasting paper, while all the printing is done on recycled paper, many documents and certifications are now being passed as softcopies via email.

This is just a heads up on the greener journey of Midtown, the best is yet to come!

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